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Title: Numerical modelling of boiling heat transfer in microchannels
Authors: SARANGI, RK
Keywords: 2-Phase Flow
Issue Date: 2005
Citation: Proceedings of the ASME Heat Transfer Division 2005, Vol 1,376-1,739-748
Abstract: In this paper we report the results of our modeling studies on two-phase forced convection in microchannels using water as the fluid medium. The study incorporates the effects of fluid flow rate, power input and channel geometry on the flow resistance and heat transfer from these microchannels. Two separate numerical models have been developed assuming homogeneous and annular flow boiling. Traditional assumptions like negligible single-phase pressure drop or fixed inlet pressure have been relaxed in the models making analysis more complex. The governing equations have been solved from the grass-root level to predict the boiling front, pressure drop and thermal resistance as functions of exit pressure and heat input. The results of both the models are compared to each other and with available experimental data. It is seen that the annular flow model typically predicts higher pressure drop compared to the homogeneous model. Finally, the model has also been extended to study the effects of non-uniform heat input along the flow direction. The results show that the nonuniform power map can have a very strong effect on the overall fluid dynamics and heat transfer.
ISBN: 0-7918-4221-5
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