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Title: Modeling and evaluation of security architecture for wireless local area networks by indexing method : a novel approach
Authors: NAYAK, D
Issue Date: 2005
Abstract: In this paper, we investigated existing and proposed WLAN security technologies designed to improve 802.11 standard. Security concerns over WLAN vulnerabilities are explored, and associated techniques are provided to mitigate these vulnerabilities. We also analyzed the existing architecture types of AAA integrated network security solutions, 802.1X and VPNs. We have extensively analyzed the effect of crypto parameters over WLAN based on packet level characteristics. We have also analyzed the effect of TCP and UDP traffic over our proposed WLAN testbed architecture. We found that TCP and UDP traffic behaves erratically, when security index changes causing drastically degradation of system performance. In this paper, we present a detail study of performance overhead caused by the most widely used security protocols such as WEP, IPSEC VPN and 801.1X. Furthermore, we analyze the effectiveness of such solution, based on measurement of security indexing model implementation. Performance measurement indicates that 802.1X and VPN method can be used based on the service time in future wireless systems, while it can simultaneously provide both the necessary flexibility to network operators and a high level of confidence to end users.
ISBN: 3-540-25584-2
ISSN: 0302-9743
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