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Title: Complete and tractable local linear time temporal logics over traces
Authors: ADSUL, B
Keywords: Mazurkiewicz Traces
Issue Date: 2002
Abstract: We present the first expressively complete and yet tractable temporal logics, PAST-TrLTL and TrLTL, to reason about distributed behaviours, modelled as Mazurkiewicz traces. Both logics admit singly exponential automata-theoretic decision procedures. General formulas of PAST-TrLTL are boolean combinations of local formulas which assert rich properties of local histories of the behaviours. PAST-TrLTL has the same expressive power as the first order theory of finite traces. TrLTL provides formulas to reason about recurring local PAST-TrLTL properties and equals the complete first order theory in expressivity. The expressive completeness criteria are based on new local normal forms for the first order logic. We illustrate the use of our logics for specification of global properties.
ISBN: 3-540-43864-5
ISSN: 0302-9743
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