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Title: The need for an early anti-neutrino run of NOvA
Authors: PRAKASH, S
Keywords: Neutrino Physics
Cp Violation
Issue Date: 2014
Publisher: SPRINGER
Abstract: The moderately large value of theta(13), measured recently by reactor experiments, is very welcome news for the future neutrino experiments. In particular, the NO nu A experiment, with 3 years each of nu and runs, will be able to determine the mass hierarchy if one of the following two favourable combinations is true: normal hierarchy with -180 degrees <= delta(CP) <= 0 or inverted hierarchy with 0 <= delta(CP) <= 180 degrees. In this report, we study the hierarchy reach of the first 3 years of NO nu A data. Since sin(2)2 theta(23) is measured to be non-maximal, theta(23) can be either in the lower or higher octant. Pure nu data is affected by theta(13)-hierarchy and octant-hierarchy degeneracies, which limit the hierarchy sensitivity of such data. A combination of nu and data is not subject to these degeneracies and hence has much better hierarchy discrimination capability. We find that, with a 3 year nu run, hierarchy determination is possible for only two of the four octant-hierarchy combinations. Equal 1.5 year runs in nu and modes give good hierarchy sensitivity for all the four combinations.
ISSN: 1029-8479
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