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Title: On wake response to asymmetric blowing in spurts from a blunt trailing edge
Authors: SHARMA, SD
Issue Date: 2007
Publisher: SPRINGER
Abstract: In the present investigation, a technique has experimentally been evolved with the aim to control the unsteady wake dominated by periodic vortex-shedding. The technique uses pulsating surface blowing that is applied asymmetrically just before separation from the blunt trailing edge of a thick aerofoil model. Thus, momentum is injected in spurts in only one of the two separated shear layers. The control parameters are the mass flow rate and the forcing frequency of the pulsating blowing. The technique is particularly effective in suppressing the vortex-shedding when the blowing is moderate and the forcing frequency is twice the natural vortex-shedding frequency. As a consequence of injecting momentum in spurts, there is a significant saving in mass flow required to achieve a condition of the momentumless wake. In spite of the initial conditions being strongly asymmetric, the flow pattern in the wake was observed to quickly assume a remarkable symmetry.
ISSN: 0256-2499
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