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Title: Potential of optimized NO nu A for large theta(13) & combined performance with a LArTPC & T2K
Keywords: Neutrino Physics
Cp Violation
Issue Date: 2012
Publisher: SPRINGER
Abstract: NO nu A experiment has reoptimized its event selection criteria in light of the recently measured moderately large value of theta(13). We study the improvement in the sensitivity to the neutrino mass hierarchy and to leptonic CP violation due to these new features. For favourable values of delta(CP), NO nu A sensitivity to mass hierarchy and leptonic CP violation is increased by 20%. Addition of 5 years of neutrino data from T2K to NO nu A more than doubles the range of delta(CP) for which the leptonic CP violation can be discovered,compared to stand alone NO nu A. But for unfavourable values of delta(CP), the combination of NO nu A and T2K are not enough to provide even a 90% C.L. hint of hierarchy discovery. Therefore,we further explore the improvement in the hierarchy and CP violation sensitivities due to the addition of a 10 kt liquid argon detector placed close to NO nu A site. The capabilities of such a detector are equivalent to those of NO nu A in all respects. We find that combined data from 10 kt liquid argon detector (3 years of nu + 3 years of (nu) over bar run), NO nu A (6 years of nu + 6 years of nu run) and T2K (5 years of nu run) can give a close to 2 sigma hint of hierarchy discovery for all values of delta(CP). With this combined data,we can achieve CP violation discovery at 95% C.L. for roughly 60% values of delta(CP).
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