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Title: Thiourea linked peracetylated glucopyranosyl-anthraquinone conjugate as reversible ON-OFF receptor for fluoride in acetonitrile
Authors: ARETI, S
Keywords: Thiourea Linked Peracetylated Glucopyranosyl-Anthraquinone Conjugate
Fluoride Sensing
Fluorimetric And Colorimetric Reversible
On-Off Sensor
Formation Of Hf2-
Inhibit Logic Gate
Dft Modeling
Issue Date: 2013
Citation: TETRAHEDRON LETTERS, 54(41)5629-5634
Abstract: A new thiourea linked peracetylated glucopyranosyl-anthraquinone conjugate (L) has been synthesized and characterized. The binding properties of L have been studied with nineteen different anions. The L exhibited selective chromogenic as well as fluorescent chemosensor property toward F- by a similar to 13-fold increase in the emission intensity upon binding with F-. The minimal detection limit for F- is 185 +/- 5 ppb in acetonitrile. Interaction of F- led to a bathochromic shift of 80 nm in the absorption band. An INHIBIT logic gate has been proposed using the output obtained from the fluorescence studies. The structure of the species formed upon the interaction of F- with L has been established by DFT computations. (C) 2013 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.
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