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Title: Transition energies and polarizabilities of hydrogen like ions in plasma
Authors: DAS, M
Issue Date: 2012
Citation: PHYSICS OF PLASMAS, 19(9)
Abstract: Effect of plasma screening on various properties like transition energy, polarizability (dipole and quadrupole), etc. of hydrogen like ions is studied. The bound and free state wave functions and transition matrix elements are obtained by numerically integrating the radial Schrodinger equation for appropriate plasma potential. We have used adaptive step size controlled Runge-Kutta method to perform the numerical integration. Debye-Huckel potential is used to investigate the variation in transition lines and polarizabilities (dipole and quadrupole) with increasing plasma screening. For a strongly coupled plasma, ion sphere potential is used to show the variation in excitation energy with decreasing ion sphere radius. It is observed that plasma screening sets in phenomena like continuum lowering and pressure ionization, which are unique to ions in plasma. Of particular interest is the blue (red) shift in transitions conserving (non-conserving) principal quantum number. The plasma environment also affects the dipole and quadrupole polarizability of ions in a significant manner. The bound state contribution to polarizabilities decreases with increase in plasma density whereas the continuum contribution is significantly enhanced. This is a result of variation in the behavior of bound and continuum state wave functions in the presence of plasma. We have compared the results with existing theoretical and experimental data wherever present. (C) 2012 American Institute of Physics. []
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