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Title: Mixing height estimation on basis of non-local determination of static stability in an industrial region
Authors: NATH, S
Keywords: Schemes
Issue Date: 2001
Publisher: WIT PRESS
Citation: AIR POLLUTION IX,10,133-142
Abstract: Precise stability classification and correct mixing height values are necessary to make realistic estimates of the impact from air pollution sources. In this paper, mixing height has been evaluated on the basis of non-local static stability. This evaluation technique has been compared with the traditional method of determining mixing height from local static stability based on the Holzworth method. Field observation for temperature lapse rate undertaken at Patalganga industrial region, using minisonde slow ascent balloons is used as a case study. Mixing height and stability classes inferred from non-local definition of static stability is based on physical dynamics of air parcel motion in the planetary boundary layer and hence provides better estimates. The implication of nonlocal static stability on stability classification scheme has been examined.
ISBN: 1-85312-877-5
ISSN: 1369-5886
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