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Title: Getting the best out of T2K and NO nu A
Authors: PRAKASH, S
Issue Date: 2012
Citation: PHYSICAL REVIEW D, 86(3)
Abstract: We explore the combined physics potential of T2K and NO nu A in light of the moderately large measured value of theta(13). For sin(2)2 theta(13) = 0.1, which is close to the best fit value, a 90% C. L. evidence for the hierarchy can be obtained only for the combinations (Normal hierarchy, -170 degrees <= delta(CP) <= 0 degrees) and (Inverted hierarchy, 0 degrees <= delta(CP) <= 170 degrees), with the currently planned runs of NO nu A and T2K. However, the hierarchy can essentially be determined for any value of delta(CP), if the statistics of NO nu A are increased by 50% and those of T2K are doubled. Such an increase will also give an allowed region of delta(CP) around its true value, except for the CP conserving cases delta(CP) = 0 or +/- 180 degrees. We demonstrate that any measurement of delta(CP) is not possible without first determining the hierarchy. We find that comparable data from a shorter baseline (L similar to 130 km) experiment will not lead to any significant improvement.
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