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Title: Diffuse phase transition in the la and ga doped barium titanate
Authors: GULWADE, DD
Keywords: Dielectric-Properties
Issue Date: 2009
Abstract: Various approaches have been adopted to modify properties of pure compound for potential options as lead free, high k memory material. In the present study, small amounts of co-doping La and Ga on the A and B site of BaTiO(3) respectively, resulting in a solid solution of the type Ba(1-3x)La(2x)Ti(1-3x)Ga(4x)O(3),03 have been investigated. The compounds have been prepared by conventional solid-state reaction. The X-ray Diffraction (XRD) of calcined powder shows the presence of tetragonal (P4/mmm) phase only. The XRD data has been analyzed using the FULLPROF Rietveld refinement package. The sintered pellets have been characterized by dielectric spectroscopy between room temperature and 200 degrees C. The resulting compounds exhibit a remarkable decrease in Curie temperature as well as a significant enhancement in the dielectric constant. The high temperature x-ray diffraction (HTXRD) of few compositions having higher diffuseness have been performed. The tetragonal phase persists over a wide range of temperature, and tetragonality decreases steadily with increase in temperature. which corroborates with the observed diffuse phase transition.
ISBN: 978-0-470-34500-9
ISSN: 0196-6219
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