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Title: Green template-free synthesis of SnO2 nanospheres - a physical understanding and electrochemistry
Issue Date: 2013
Citation: RSC ADVANCES, 3(42)19423-19429
Abstract: Since energy economy and environmental safety are of major concern currently, here we report a simple, greener, template-free synthesis route to prepare tin oxide (SnO2) hollow and solid core nanospheres. The formation and growth mechanisms of such tin oxide nanospheres with solid and hollow cores having sizes of 50 nm-200 nm have been elucidated for the first time in this report. The electrochemistry of such hollow and solid spheres has been investigated against Li/Li+. Tin oxide (without an in situ conductive carbon coating) with a hollow core anode morphology exhibits an outstanding energy density of similar to 600 mA h g(-1) at a current density of 178 mA g(-1). Our electrochemical results and the discussion about hollow and solid core formation mechanisms, indicate the importance of our work and the electrochemical properties indicate that they could be used as anodes for lithium-ion batteries.
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