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Title: Optimal Reservoir Release Policy Considering Heterogeneity of Command Area by Elitist Genetic Algorithm
Keywords: Multireservoir Systems
Operating Policies
Issue Date: 2011
Publisher: SPRINGER
Citation: WATER RESOURCES MANAGEMENT,25(14)3863-3881
Abstract: A number of models with conventional optimization techniques have been developed for optimization of reservoir water release policies. However these models are not able to consider the heterogeneity in the command area of the reservoir appropriately, due to non linear nature of the processes involved. The optimization model based on genetic algorithm (GA) can deal with the non linearity due to its inherent ability to consider complex simulation model as evaluation function for optimization. GA based models available in literature generally minimize the water deficits and do not optimize the total net benefits through optimal reservoir release policies. The present study focuses on optimum releases from the reservoir considering heterogeneity of the command area and responses of the command area to the releases instead of minimizing only the reservoir storage volumes. An optimization model has been developed for the reservoir releases based on elitist GA approach considering the heterogeneity of the command area. The developed model was applied to Waghad irrigation project in upper Godavari basin of Maharashtra, India. The results showed that 19% increase in the total net benefits could be possible by adopting the proposed water release policy over the present practice keeping same distribution of area under different crops. The model presented in this study can also optimize the crop area under irrigation. It is found that irrigated area can be increased to 50% of ICA (Irrigable Command Area) from the existing 23% with resulting addition to total net benefits by 31%. The effect of adopting the proposed irrigation schedule and increased irrigation areas would be to increase the net benefits to existing farmers.
ISSN: 0920-4741
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