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Title: Distributed optimisation method for multi-resource constrained scheduling in coal supply chains
Authors: THOMAS, ANU
Keywords: Integrated Scheduling
Wedelin Algorithm
Coal Logistics
Distributed Optimisation
Issue Date: 10-Feb-2012
Series/Report no.: Technical Report;IITB-IEOR-TR-101
Abstract: We consider an integrated planning and scheduling problem motivated by the coal supply chains in Australia. The problem considers production planning of several independent mines. The mines need trains to complete delivery of coal by the arrival of ships at the terminal. The trains, on the other hand, are of limited supply and therefore the mines need to share this common resource. For this problem, we present a mixed integer programming formulation which minimises total weighted earliness, tardiness and operational costs. We also present a Lagrangian relaxation based distributed algorithm, which incorporates Volume and Wedelin algorithms. The strength of our distributed algorithm is demonstrated by an extensive computational experiment on several randomly generated instances.
Description: IITB-Monash Research Academy
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