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Title: Natural-language-based generation of search results in a meaning-based multilingual search engine
Authors: AWATE, YP
Issue Date: 2006
Citation: IETE TECHNICAL REVIEW,23(5)313-319
Abstract: Most of the current search engines are keyword based. They do not consider the meaning of the query posed to them and hence can be ineffective. in contrast to this, Agro Explorer [1]-a multilingual, meaning based search engine in the agricultural domain first extracts the meaning of the query and then performs a search based on this extracted meaning. Hence, search can be carried out even if the language of the query is different from the language of the documents. The meaning is represented in the form of Universal Networking Language (UNL) Expressions. The search is carried out using UNL expression matching. The relevant documents are in the UNL form. The Deconverter converts these documents into the language of the user's choice using a lexicon and a rule base. In this paper, we will discuss the design of the Deconverter developed by us, with Marathi as the target language, for Agro Explorer. The deconversion proceeds through the following four stages: a) Syntax Planning; b) Lexical Replacement; c) Case Mark Insertion; d) Morph Generation.
ISSN: 0256-4602
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