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Title: Materialized view selection and maintenance using multi-query optimization
Authors: MISTRY, H
Issue Date: 2001
Citation: SIGMOD RECORD,30(2)307-318
Abstract: Materialized views have been found to be very effective at speeding up queries, and are increasingly being supported by commercial databases and data warehouse systems. However, whereas the amount of data entering a warehouse and the number of materialized views are rapidly increasing, the time window available for maintaining materialized views is shrinking. These trends necessitate efficient techniques for the maintenance of materialized views. In this paper, we show how to find an efficient plan for the maintenance of a set of materialized views, by exploiting common subexpressions between different view maintenance expressions; In particular, we show how to efficiently select (a) expressions and indices that can be effectively shared, by transient materialization; fb) additional expressions and indices for permanent materialization; and (c) the best maintenance plan - incremental or recomputation - for each view. These three decisions are highly interdependent, and the choice of one affects the choice of the others. We develop a framework that cleanly integrates the various choices in a systematic and efficient manner. Our evaluations show that many-fold improvement in view maintenance time can be achieved using our techniques. Our algorithms can also be used to efficiently select materialized views to speed up workloads containing queries and updates.
ISSN: 0163-5808
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