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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009q-Analogs of distance matrices of 3-hypertreesSIVASUBRAMANIAN, S
2010A q-analogue of Graham, Hoffman and Hosoya's TheoremSIVASUBRAMANIAN, S
2009The QCD equation of state with thermal properties of phi mesonsSAHOO, R; NAYAK, TK; ALAM, JE; KABANA, S; NANDI, BK; MAHAPATRA, DP
1998QNAT: a graphical tool for the analysis of queueing networksMANJUNATH, D; BHASKAR, DM; TAHILRAMANI, H; BOSE, SK; UMESH, MN
2001QSAR models to predict effect of ionic strength on sorption of chlorinated benzenes and phenols at sediment–water interfaceRAO, BAKUL H; ASOLEKAR, SHYAM R
1979Quadrant-Plate Weir - ClosureRAMAMURTHY, AS; SUBRAMANYA, K; PANI, BS
2003A quadratic inequality approach for design of robust controller for a parametric uncertain jet engineNATARAJ, PSV; SRIVASTAVA, SURESH
2009Quadrupolar, triple delta-function potential in one dimensionPATIL, SH
1980Quadrupole-moments and e2-transition rates in the zr region with wave-functions of the broken pair approximationGAMBHIR, YK; HAQ, S; SURI, JK
2017Qualitative and quantitative assessment of TanDEM-X DEM over western Himalayan glaciated terrainPANDEY, P; MANICKAM, S; BHATTACHARYA, A; RAMANATHAN, AL; SINGH, G; VENKATARAMAN, G
2007Qualitative approaches to rapidly identify completely submerged rice due to tropical cyclone using satellite dataABHYANKAR, AA; PATWARDHAN, A; INAMDAR, A
2014Qualitative SERS analysis of G-quadruplex DNAs using selective stabilising ligandsGRACIE, K; DHAMODHARAN, V; PRADEEPKUMAR, PI; FAULDS, K; GRAHAM, D
2001A qualitative shape analysis formalism for monitoring control loop performanceRENGASWAMY, R; HAGGLUND, T; VENKATASUBRAMANIAN, V
2006Qualitative visual environment retrievalRAJASHEKHARA; PRABHUDESAI, AB; SUBHASIS CHAUDHURI
2010Quality assessment of potable water in the town of Kolasib, Mizoram (India)KUMAR, S; BHARTI, VK; SINGH, KB; SINGH, TN
2012Quality of fluidization in gas-solid unary and packed fluidized beds: An experimental study using gamma ray transmission techniqueMANDAL, D; SHARMA, VK; PANT, HJ; SATHIYAMOORTHY, D; VINJAMUR, M
2005A qualocation method for a unidimensional single phase semilinear Stefan problemDOSS, LJ; PANI, AK
2008A qualocation method for Burgers' equationMANTRI, PS; NATARAJ, N; PANI, AK
1999A qualocation method for parabolic partial differential equationsPANI, AK