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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006The M-G Hamiltonian - a pedagogic reviewGHOSH, DK
1993M-NET - a proposed high-speed local-area networkKHALID, M; VYAVAHARE, PD; KEKRE, HB
2006M2MC : Middleware for many to many communication over broadcast networksBHAVANASI, CK; IYER, S
2008MAAS : Multibit Adaptive Aggregation Scheme for wireless sensor networksJAGYASI, BG; CHANDER, D; MERCHANT, SN; DESAI, UB; DEY, BK
2008Machinery condition monitoring system selection - A multi-objective decision approach using GAVERMA, AK; SRIVIDYA, A; RAMESH, PG
2004Machining aspects of a high carbon Fe3Al alloyCHOWDHURI, SANDIPAN; JOSHI, SS; RAO, PK; BALLAL, NB
2003Macro-level and genetic-level responses of Bacillus subtilis to shear stressSAHOO, S; VERMA, RK; SURESH, AK; RAO, KK; BELLARE, J; SURAISHKUMAR, GK
2017Macrocyclic cyclodiphosphazane [{P(mu-(BuN)-Bu-t)}(2)(O - m - C6H4 CHNCH2)(2)](2): synthesis of chalcogen derivatives and gold(I) complexKASHID, VS; MAGUE, JT; BALAKRISHNAA, MS
2004Macroporous silicon based capacitive affinity sensor-fabrication and electrochemical studiesBETTY, CA; LAL, R; SHARMA, DK; YAKHMI, JV; MITTAL, JP
2014Macroscale hydrological modelling approach for study of large scale hydrologic impacts under climate change in Indian river basinsRAJE, D; PRIYA, P; KRISHNAN, R
2010Macroscopic 'V' Pull-Apart Structure In GarnetMUKHERJEE, S
2011Mafic alkalic magmatism in central Kachchh, India: a monogenetic volcanic field in the northwestern Deccan TrapsKSHIRSAGAR, PV; SHETH, HC; SHAIKH, B
2012Mafic and pelitic xenoliths in the Kinnaur Kailash Granite, Baspa river valley, NW Himalaya: Evidence of pre-Himalayan granulite metamorphism followed by cooling eventTHAKUR, SS; PATEL, SC
2009Mafic xenoliths in Proterozoic kimberlites from Eastern Dharwar Craton, India: Mineralogy and P–T regimePATEL, SC; RAVI, S; ANILKUMAR, Y; NAIK, A; THAKUR, SS; PATI, JK; NAYAK, SS
2013Magnesia nanoparticles in liquid electrolyte for dye sensitized solar cells: An effective recombination suppressant?MOHANTY, SP; BHARGAVA, P
2014Magnesium and iron loaded hollow glass microspheres (HGMs) for hydrogen storageDALAI, S; VIJAYALAKSHMI, S; SHARMA, P; CHOO, KY
2005Magnesium and strontium compositions of recent symbiont-bearing benthic foraminiferaRAJA, R; SARASWATI, PK; ROGERS, K; IWAO, K
2017Magnesium oxide nanoparticle-loaded polycaprolactone composite electrospun fiber scaffolds for bone-soft tissue engineering applications: in-vitro and in-vivo evaluationSURYAVANSHI, A; KHANNA, K; SINDHU, KR; BELLARE, J; SRIVASTAVA, R
1993Magnetic and conversion electron mossbauer-spectroscopy studies in FE/TA multilayersSHRINGI, SN; PIRAMANAYAGAM, SN; PRASAD, S; VENKATRAMANJI, N; PATNI, MJ; KRISHNAN, R; TESSIER, M