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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2002The E '(1)-centre and its role in TL sensitization in quartzBENNY, PG; RAO, TKG; BHATT, BC
2010E93R Substitution of Escherichia coli FtsZ Induces Bundling of Protofilaments, Reduces GTPase Activity, and Impairs Bacterial CytokinesisJAISWAL, R; PATEL, RY; ASTHANA, J; JINDAL, B; BALAJI, PV; PANDA, D
1997Early alkaline magmatism in the Deccan Traps: Implications for plume incubation and lithospheric riftingSHETH, HC; CHANDRASEKHARAM, D
2011Early Detection of Breast Cancer: Synthesis and Characterization of Novel Target Specific NIR-Fluorescent Estrogen Conjugate for Molecular Optical ImagingJOSE, I; DEODHAR, KD; DESAI, UB; BHATTACHARJEE, S
2009Early events associated with the excited state proton transfer in 2-(2(')-pyridyl)benzimidazoleBURAI, TN; MUKHERJEE, TK; LAHIRI, P; PANDA, D; DATTA, A
2009Early Miocene shell concentration in the mixed carbonate-siliciclastic system of Kutch and their distribution in sequence stratigraphic frameworkKUMAR, P; SARASWATI, PK; BANERJEE, S
2003Early Proterozoic melt generation processes beneath the intra-cratonic Cuddapah Basin, southern IndiaANAND, M; GIBSON, SA; SUBBARAO, KV; KELLEY, SP; DICKIN, AP
2008Early quantitative software reliability prediction using Petri-netsKRISHNA MOHAN, K; VERMA, AK; SRIVIDYA, A; VARAPRASADA RAO, G; GEDELA, RAVI KUMAR
2006Earth matter effects at very long baselines and the neutrino mass hierarchyGANDHI, R; GHOSHAL, P; GOSWAMI, S; MEHTA, P; SANKAR, SU
2002Earthquake resistant design of structures using the variable frequency pendulum isolatorMURNAL, P; SINHA, R
2003Earthquake response of isolated elevated liquid storage steel tanksSHRIMALI, MK; JANGID, RS
2011Earthquake vibration control of structures using hybrid mass liquid damperBANERJI, P; SAMANTA, A
1989Easy and economic ways of handling air-sensitive crystals for x-ray-diffraction studiesRAO, CP
1999E-beam deposited SnO2Pt-SnO2 and Pd-SnO2 thin films for LPG detectionREDDY, MHM; CHANDORKAR, AN
2009EC-AFM investigation of reversible volume changes with electrode potential in polyanilineSINGH, PANKAJ R; MAHAJAN, SUMEET; RAJWADE, SHANTANU; CONTRACTOR, AQ
2006Eclogite xenoliths from Wajrakarur kimberlites, southern IndiaPATEL, SC; RAVI, S; THAKUR, SS; RAO, TK; SUBBARAO, KV
1996An ecofriendly electroless copper plating processBHATGADDE, LG; JOSEPH, S
1997An ecofriendly electroless copper plating processBHATGADDE, LG; JOSEPH, S
Showing results 3194 to 3213 of 14101
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