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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2002Application of genetic algorithm for scheduling and schedule coordination problemsSHRIVASTAVA, P; DHINGRA, SL; GUNDALIYA, PJ
2016Application of Heat of Wetting for Determination of Soil-Specific Characteristics of Fine-Grained SoilsKADALI, S; LEKSHMI, SUS; SINGH, DN; BAGHINI, MS
2001Application of higher order decouplings of the dilated electron propagator to (2)Pi CO-, (2)Pi(g) N-2(-) and (2)Pi(g) C2H2- shape resonancesMAHALAKSHMI, S; VENKATNATHAN, A; MISHRA, MK
2015Application of Hybrid Techniques (Self-Organizing Map and Fuzzy Algorithm) Using Backscatter Data for Segmentation and Fine-Scale Roughness Characterization of Seepage-Related Seafloor Along the Western Continental Margin of IndiaCHAKRABORTY, B; MENEZES, A; DANDAPATH, S; FERNANDES, WA; KARISIDDAIAH, SM; HARIS, K; GOKUL, GS
2010Application of Impedance Spectroscopy for Determining Fabric Anisotropy of Fine-Grained SoilsGUMASTE, SD; SINGH, DN
2012Application of incoherent target decomposition theorems to classify snow cover over the Himalayan regionSINGH, G; VENKATARAMAN, G
2015Application of Intelligent Compaction Technology for Estimation of Effective Modulus for a Multilayered Asphalt PavementSINGH, D; BEAINY, F; COMMURI, S; ZAMAN, M
2010Application of interconnection and damping assignment to the stabilization of a synchronous generator with a controllable series capacitorMANJAREKAR, NS; BANAVAR, RN; ORTEGA, R
2008Application of Interval computation technique to Fixed speed wind energy conversion systemTHAKUR, RK; AGARWAL, V
2015Application of land use regression modelling to assess the spatial distribution of road traffic noise in three European citiesAGUILERA, I; FORASTER, M; BASAGAA, X; CORRADI, E; DELTELL, A; MORELLI, X; PHULERIA, HC; RAGETTLI, MS; RIVERA, M; THOMASSON, A; SLAMA, R; KUNZLI, N
2013Application of Laser Microscopy for Studying Crack Characteristics of Fine-Grained SoilsUDAY, KV; SINGH, DN
2003Application of look-up table approach to high-K gate dielectric MOS transistor circuitsVINAY KUMAR, D; MOHAPATRA, NR; PATIL, MB; RAMGOPAL RAO, V
2006Application of magnetite hexacyanoferrate composites in magnetically assisted chemical separation of cesiumAMBASHTA, RD; DESHINGKAR, DS; WATTAL, PK; BAHADUR, D
2000Application of mathematical morphology in measurement of droplet size distribution in dropwise condensationMAITI, N; DESAI, UB; RAY, AK
2016Application of microbially induced calcite precipitation in erosion mitigation and stabilisation of sandy soil foreshore slopes: A preliminary investigationSALIFU, E; MACLACHLAN, E; IYER, KR; KNAPP, CW; TARANTINO, A
2015Application of multilevel scheme and two level discretization for POD based model order reduction of nonlinear transient heat transfer problemsGAONKAR, AK; KULKARNI, SS
2013Application of nanoindentation to establish influence of heat on soilsKADALI, S; SHARMA, S; SINGH, DN
1993Application of neural networks to the time-slot assignment in ss tdma systems with intersatellite linksBHANDARI, SM; POONACHA, PG; MURTHY, KVV; RAO, SSSP
2017Application of oxygen/nitrogen substituted donor-acceptor cyclopropanes in the total synthesis of natural productsGHARPURE, SJ; NANDA, LN