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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007Heuristic and optimal techniques for light-trail assignment in optical ring WDM networksGUMASTE, ASHWIN; PALACHARLA, PAPARAO
2003Heuristic design of pressure swing adsorption: a preliminary studyJAIN, S; MOHARIR, AS; LI, P; WOZNY, G
1993A heuristic for decomposition in multilevel logic optimizationSINGH, VINAYA KUMAR; DIWAN, AJIT A
2007Heuristics for constructing Bayesian Network based geospatial ontologiesSEN, S; KRUGER, A
2012Heuristics for synthesis and design of pressure-swing adsorption processesMHASKAR, PR; MOHARIR, AS
1998Hexaacetato derivative of calix(6)arene for the solvent extraction separation of lead(II)MALKHEDE, DD; PHADKE, M; DHADKE, PM; KHOPKAR, SM
2010Hexa Boron-Dipyrromethene Cyclotriphosphazenes: Synthesis, Crystal Structure, and Photophysical PropertiesRAO, MR; BOLLIGARLA, R; BUTCHER, RJ; RAVIKANTH, M
2006Hexagonal diamond synthesis on h-GaN strained filmsMISRA, A; TYAGI, PK; YADAV, BS; RAI, P; MISRA, DS; PANCHOLI, V; SAMAJDAR, ID
2004Hexameric organotincarboxylates with cyclic and drum structuresPRABUSANKAR, G; MURUGAVEL, R
2010A hexanuclear iron(III) complex [Fe(6)O(2)(OH)(2)(PhCOO)(10)(hedmp)(2)]center dot 3CH(3)CN assembled from 2-hydroxyethyl-3,5-dimethyl pyrazoleMURUGAVEL, R; GOGOI, N; HOWLADER, R; CLERAC, R
2004HIClass : hyper-interactive text classification by interactive supervision of document and term labelsGODBOLE, S; HARPALE, A; SARAWAGI, S; CHAKRABARTI, S
2006Hierarchical amino acid utilization and its influence on fermentation dynamics: rifamycin B fermentation using Amycolatopsis mediterranei S699, a case studyBAPAT, PM; DAS, D; SOHONI, SV; WANGIKAR, PP
2006Hierarchical interdomain routing and light-path provisioning in optical networksLIU, Q; KOK, MA; GHANI, N; GUMASTE, A
2009Hierarchical normalized cuts : unsupervised segmentation of vascular biomarkers from ovarian cancer tissue microarraysJANOWCZYK, A; CHANDRAN, S; SINGH, R; SASAROLI, D; COUKOS, G; FELDMAN, MD; MADABHUSHI, A
2002Hierarchical recognition of dynamic hand gestures for telerobotic applicationMAMMEN, JP; CHAUDHURY, S; AGRAWAL, T
2006Hierarchical routing in multi-domain optical networksLIU, Q; KÖK, MA; GHANI, N; GUMASTE, ASHWIN
2012The hierarchical structure and properties of multifunctional carbon nanotube fibre compositesVILATELA, JJ; KHARE, R; WINDLE, AH
2006Hierarchical structures built from a molecular zinc phosphate coreMURUGAVEL, R; KUPPUSWAMY, S; BOOMISHANKAR, R; STEINER, A
2009HI-ERDA, Micro-Raman and HRXRD studies of buried silicon oxynitride layers synthesized by dual ion implantationPOLJI, RH; YADAV, AD; DUBEY, SK; KHAN, SA; AVASTHI, DK; RAO, TKG
Showing results 6635 to 6654 of 17031
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