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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005Experimental studies on active vibration control of a beam using hybrid active/passive constrained layer damping treatmentsLANGOTE, PK; SESHU, P
2002Experimental studies on bursting pressure of thin-walled flow formed pressure vesselsRAJAN, KM; DESHPANDE, PU; NARASIMHAN, K
2011Experimental studies on dynamics of methane-air premixed flame in meso-scale diverging channelsAKRAM, M; KUMAR, S
2013Experimental studies on flame stabilization in a three step rearward facing configuration based micro channel combustorKHANDELWAL, B; DESHPANDE, AA; KUMAR, S
2002Experimental studies on impact behaviour of woven fabric composites: Effect of impact parametersNAIK, NK; BORADE, SV; ARYA, H; SAILENDRA, M; PRABHU, SV
2015Experimental studies on realization of fractional inductors and fractional-order bandpass filtersTRIPATHY, MC; MONDAL, D; BISWAS, K; SEN, S
2001Experimental studies on rewetting of hot vertical annular channelSAXENA, AK; VENKAT RAJ, V; RAO, VGOVARDHANA
2015Experimental studies on spalling characteristics of Indian lignite coal in context of underground coal gasificationBHASKARAN, S; SAMDANI, G; AGHALAYAM, P; GANESH, A; SINGH, RP; SAPRU, RK; JAIN, PK; MAHAJANI, S
2008Experimental study and theoretical analysis of local heat transfer distribution between smooth flat surface and impinging air jet from a circular straight pipe nozzleKATTI, VADIRAJ; PRABHU, SV
2007Experimental study for evaluating crack retardation of asphalt concrete overlaysBHOSALE, SS; MANDAL, JN
2014Experimental study for selection of electrode material for ZnO-based memristorsKUMAR, A; BAGHINI, MS
2005Experimental study of boundary layer control through tip injection on straight and swept compressor bladesROY, B; CHOUHAN, M; KAUNDINYA, KV
2017Experimental study of dissolution of minerals and CO2 sequestration in steel slagYADAV, S; MEHRA, A
2007Experimental study of flow boiling in microchannelSINGH, SG; DUTTAGUPTA, SP; KULKARNI, AM; PURANIK, BP; AGRAWAL, A
2004Experimental study of hybrid cam mechanismPANGA, A; SETH, B
2008An experimental study of impulsively started turbulent axisymmetric jetsBAJPAI, S; TIRUMKUDULU, MS
2013Experimental study of initial condition dependence on turbulent mixing in shock-accelerated Richtmyer-Meshkov fluid layersBALASUBRAMANIAN, S; ORLICZ, GC; PRESTRIDGE, KP
2010Experimental study of liquid carryover in a separator drumPRABHUDHARWADKAR, DM; MORE, RZ; IYER, KN
2009An experimental study of polyurea membrane formation by interfacial polycondensationWAGH, SJ; DHUMAL, SS; SURESH, AK