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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004Enhanced diastereoselectivity via confinement: Diastereoselective photoisomerization of 2,3-diphenyl-1-benzoylcyclopropane derivatives within zeolitesSIVAGURU, J; SUNOJ, RB; WADA, T; ORIGANE, Y; INOUE, Y; RAMAMURTHY, V
2004Enhanced diastereoselectivity via confinement: Photoisomerization of 2,3-diphenylcyclopropane-1-carboxylic acid derivatives within zeolitesSIVAGURU, J; SUNOJ, RB; WADA, T; ORIGANE, Y; INOUE, Y; RAMAMURTHY, V
1998Enhanced Elastic Buckling Loads Of Composite Plates With Tailored Thermal Residual StressesBABU, CS; KANT, T
2011Enhanced Field Emission and Improved Supercapacitor Obtained from Plasma-Modified Bucky PaperROY, S; BAJPAI, R; SOIN, N; BAJPAI, P; HAZRA, KS; KULSHRESTHA, N; ROY, SS; MCLAUGHLIN, JA; MISRA, DS
2007Enhanced fluorescence of epicocconone in surfactant assemblies as a consequence of depth-dependent microviscosityPANDA, D; KHATUA, S; DATTA, A
2011Enhanced flux pinning in pulsed laser deposited YBa(2)Cu(3)O(7-delta):BaTiO(3) nanocomposite thin filmsJHA, AK; KHARE, N; PINTO, R
2005Enhanced granulation by natural ionic polymer additives in UASB reactor treating low-strength wastewaterTIWARI, MK; GUHA, S; HARENDRANATH, CS; TRIPATHI, S
2013Enhanced Growth of Endothelial Precursor Cells on PCG-Matrix Facilitates Accelerated, Fibrosis-Free, Wound Healing: A Diabetic Mouse ModelKANITKAR, M; JAISWAL, A; DESHPANDE, R; BELLARE, J; KALE, VP
2008Enhanced heat dissipation of V-trough PV modules for better performanceSOLANKI, CS; SANGANI, CS; GUNASHEKAR, D; ANTONY, G
2013Enhanced high rate performance of alpha-Fe2O3 nanotubes with alginate binder as a conversion anodeVELURI, PS; MITRA, S
1997Enhanced J(c) and improved grain-boundary properties in Ag-doped YBa2Cu3O7-delta filmsSELVAM, P; SEIBT, EW; KUMAR, D; PINTO, R; APTE, PR
1995Enhanced j(c) of yba2cu3o7-x-ag ex-situ annealed coevaporated films on laalo3(100) substrates - commentSELVAM, P
2002Enhanced magnetization in sputter-deposited copper ferrite thin filmsDESAI, M; PRASAD, S; VENKATARAMANI, N; SAMAJDAR, I; NIGAM, AK; KRISHNAN, R
2010Enhanced magnetoresistance in lateral spin-valvesADARI, R; PATIL, T; MURTHY, M; MAHESHWARI, R; VAIDYA, G; GANGULY, S; SAHA, D
2013Enhanced mechanical strength and biocompatibility of electrospun polycaprolactone-gelatin scaffold with surface deposited nano-hydroxyapatiteJAISWAL, AK; CHHABRA, H; SONI, VP; BELLARE, JR
2011Enhanced Mobile Membranes: Computability ResultsCIOBANU, G; KRISHNA, SN
2009Enhanced nonlinear optical responses in metal-glass nanocompositesGHOSH, B; CHAKRABORTY, P; SINGH, BP; KUNDU, T
2002Enhanced photocatalytic activity of highly porous ZnO thin films prepared by sol-gel processPAL, B; SHARON, M
2011Enhanced photoluminescence of CdS nanocrystallites in LB multilayers on aqueous treatmentNARAYANAM, PK; SRINIVASA, RS; TALWAR, SS; MAJOR, SS
Showing results 4513 to 4532 of 15914
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