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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008Dissipation in circuit quantum electrodynamics: lasing and cooling of a low-frequency oscillatorHAUSS, J; FEDOROV, A; ANDRE, S; BROSCO, V; HUTTER, C; KOTHARI, R; YESHWANTH, S; SHNIRMAN, A; SCHON, G
1996Dissipation of hysteretic energy in base isolated structureJANGID, RS; DATTA, TK
2005Dissipative systems synthesis: a linear algebraic approachBELUR, MN; PILLAI, HARISH K; TRENTELMAN, HL
2007Dissipative systems synthesis: A linear algebraic approachBELUR, MN; PILLAI, HK; TRENTELMAN, HL
2003Dissipative waves in a relaxing gas exhibiting mixed nonlinearitySHARMA, VD; MADHUMITA, G; MANICKAM, SAV
2017Dissipative waves in real gasesGUPTA, N; SHARMA, VD
2016The Dissociation between Polarity, Semantic Orientation, and Emotional Tone as an Early Indicator of Cognitive ImpairmentTAPIA, SAA; MARTINEZ-TOMAS, R; GOMEZ, HF; DEL SALTO, VH; GUERRERO, JS; MOCHA-BONILLA, JA; CORBACHO, JB; KHAN, A; REDIN, VC
1996Dissociation kinetics of molecular hydrogen in a microwave plasma and its influence on the hydrogen content in diamond filmsSHARDA, T; MISRA, DS; AVASTHI, DK; MEHTA, GK
2000Dissolution behaviour of stainless steel weld metals during active potential range: A calculational approachPUJAR, MG; DAYAL, RK; MALHOTRA, SN; GILL, TPS
2003Dissolution channels in quartz and the role of pressure changes in gold and sulfide deposition in the Archean, greenstone-hosted, Hutti gold deposit, Karnataka, IndiaPANDALAI, HS; JADHAV, GN; MATHEW, B; PANCHAPAKESAN, V; RAJU, KK; PATIL, ML
2017Dissolution of steel slags in aqueous mediaYADAV, S; MEHRA, A
2009Dissolved core alginate microspheres as "Smart-Tattoo" glucose sensorsCHAUDHARY, A; RAINA, M; MCSHANE, MJ; SRIVASTAVA, R
2012Dissolved organic carbon from the traditional jute processing technique and its potential influence on arsenic enrichment in the Bengal DeltaFAROOQ, SH; CHANDRASEKHARAM, D; ABBT-BRAUN, G; BERNER, Z; NORRA, S; STUBEN, D
2012Distinct ruby suite at Sardapur, Orissa: A spectroscopic investigationMAJUMDAR, AS; MATHEW, G
2017A distinctive biomarker assemblage in an Infracambrian oil and source rock from western India: Molecular signatures of eukaryotic sterols and prokaryotic carotenoidsBHATTACHARYA, S; DUTTA, S; SUMMONS, RE
2017The distinctive compositional evolution of glauconite in the Cretaceous Ukra Hill Member (Kutch basin, India) and its implicationsBANSAL, U; BANERJEE, S; PANDE, K; ARORA, A; MEENA, SS
1985Distinguishing between dirac and majorana neutrinos in neutrino-electron scatteringDASS, GV
2017Distinguishing chromatic number of random Cayley graphsBALACHANDRAN, N; PADINHATTEERI, S
2012Distinguishing dynamics using recurrence-time statisticsNGAMGA, EJ; SENTHILKUMAR, DV; PRASAD, A; PARMANANDA, P; MARWAN, N; KURTHS, J