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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Deciphering the Photophysical Role of Conjugated Diyne in Butadiynyl Fluorophores: Synthesis, Photophysical and Theoretical StudyPATI, AK; MOHAPATRA, M; GHOSH, P; GHARPURE, SJ; MISHRA, AK
2013Deciphering the role of multiple hydrogen bonding sites on the microsolvation of 3-(phenylamino)-2-cyclohexen-1-one with water in the excited statesMISRA, R; MAITY, DK; BHATTACHARYYA, SP
2013Decisive interactions that determine ferro/antiferromagnetic coupling in {3d-4f} pairs: a case study on dinuclear {V(IV)-Gd(III)} complexesSINGH, SK; RAJARAMAN, G
2006Decoherence and fidelity of single-electron spin states in quantum dots: effects of nuclear hyperfine coupling and double occupancyRAJAGOPAL, AK; D MAHANTI, S; JHA, SS
2010Decolorization of Drimarene Red Dye Using Palladized Bacterial Cellulose in a ReactorVYJAYANTHI, JP; SURESH, S
2003Decolorization of indigo and azo dyes in semicontinuous reactors with long hydraulic retention timeMANU, B; CHAUDHARI, SANJEEV
2011Decolourization of anaerobically digested and polyaluminium chloride treated distillery spentwash in a fungal stirred tank aerobic reactorSINGH, SS; DIKSHIT, AK
2006Decolourization of azo dyes using magnesium–palladium systemPATEL, RACHNA; SURESH, SUMATHI
2009Decomposable subspaces, linear sections of Grassmann varieties, and higher weights of Grassmann codesGHORPADE, SR; PATIL, AR; PILLAI, HK
2000Decomposing graphs with girth at least five under degree constraintsDIWAN, AA
2004A decomposition based approach for design of supply aggregation and demand aggregation exchangesBISWAS, S; NARAHARI, Y; DAS SARMA, A
1999Decomposition of finite state machines for area, delay minimizationSHELAR, RUPESH S; DESAI, MP; NARAYANAN, H
2014Deconvolution of mixed magnetism in multilayer grapheneSWAIN, AK; BAHADUR, D
1997Decorative coatings produced using combination of reactive arc evaporation and magnetron sputteringSHIMPI, KC; RAVINDRANATH, K; JANI, AK; KOTHARI, DC; HARINDRANATH, CS
2007Decoupled power controller for inverter-interfaced distributed generation systemDOBARIYA, CV; KHAPARDE, SA
2010Decoupling behavior in (132)LaKUMAR, V; DAS, P; LAKSHMI, S; JOSHI, PK; JAIN, HC; SINGH, RP; KUMAR, R; MURALITHAR, S; BHOWMIK, RK
2004A decrease in effective diameter of rat mesenteric venules due to leukocyte margination after a bolus injection of pentoxifylline - digital image analysis of an intravital microscopic observationHUSSAIN, MA; MERCHANT, SN; MOMBASAWALA, LS; PUNIYANI, RR
2010Deduced property matrices of domain-engineered relaxor single crystals of [110](L)x[001](T) cut: Effects of domain wall contributions and domain-domain interactionsSHUKLA, R; RAJAN, KK; SHANTHI, M; JIN, J; LIM, LC; GANDHI, P
2008Deduction of slip coefficient in slip and transition regimes from existing cylindrical Couette flow dataAGARWAL, AMIT; PRABHU, SV
2005Deep sub-micron device and analog circuit parameter sensitivity to process variations with halo doping and its effect on circuit linearityNARASIMHULU, K; RAO, VR
Showing results 3151 to 3170 of 18109
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