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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009Performance analysis of amplify and forward based cooperative diversity in MIMO relay channelsGANWANI, V; DEY, BK; SHARMA, GVV; MERCHANT, SN; DESAI, UB
2010Performance analysis of CMOS mode locked class E power amplifierARORA, P; MUKHERJEE, J; AGARWAL, V
2015Performance Analysis of Heat Sinks With Phase-Change Materials Subjected to Transient and Cyclic HeatingSAHA, SK; DUTTA, P
2009Performance analysis of maximum likelihood decode and forward cooperative systems in Rayleigh fadingSHARMA, GVV; GANWANI, V; DESAI, UB; MERCHANT, SN
2009Performance analysis of maximum likelihood detection for decode and forward MIMO relay channels in Rayleigh fadingSHARMA, GVV; GANWANI, V; DESAI, UB; MERCHANT, SN
2010Performance Analysis of Maximum Likelihood Detection for Decode and Forward MIMO Relay Channels in Rayleigh FadingSHARMA, GVV; GANWANI, V; DESAI, UB; MERCHANT, SN
1998Performance analysis of maximum likelihood estimator for recovery of depth from defocused images and optimal selection of camera parametersRAJAGOPALAN, AN; CHAUDHURI, S
2006Performance analysis of maximum-likelihood multiuser detection in space-time-coded CDMA with imperfect channel estimationSHARMA, GVV; CHOCKALINGAM, A
2003Performance analysis of parallel file system for I/O load balancing in distributed applicationsDEEPALAKSHMI, S; BASWARAJ, K; RAO, SSSP; JAGDISH, BS; SONAVANE, DD; DHEKNE, PS; KAURA, HK
1991Performance analysis of total least squares methods in three-dimensional motion estimationCHAUDHURI, SUBHASIS; CHATTERJEE, SHANKAR
2001Performance and hot-carrier reliability of 100 nm channel length jet vapor deposited Si3N4 MNSFETsMAHAPATRA, S; RAMGOPAL RAO, V; CHENG, B; KHARE, M; PARIKH, CD; WOO, JCS; VASI, J
2009Performance and Reliability of Au and Pt Single-Layer Metal Nanocrystal Flash Memory Under NAND (FN/FN) OperationSINGH, PK; HOFMANN, R; SINGH, KK; KRISHNA, N; MAHAPATRA, S
2002Performance and reliability of high density flash EEPROMs under CHISEL programming operationMAHAPATRA, S; SHUKURI, S; BUDE, JD
2002Performance and reliability of single halo deep sub-micron p-MOSFETs for analog applicationsJHA, NK; BAGHINI, MS; RAMGOPAL RAO, V
2010Performance and Reliability Study of Single-Layer and Dual-Layer Platinum Nanocrystal Flash Memory Devices Under NAND OperationSINGH, PK; BISHT, G; AULUCK, K; SIVATHEJA, M; HOFMANN, R; SINGH, KK; MAHAPATRA, S
2017Performance assessment of activated carbon supported catalyst during catalytic wet oxidation of simulated pulping effluents generated from wood and bagasse based pulp and paper millsYADAV, BR; GARG, A
2017Performance assessment of improved composting system for food waste with varying aeration and use of microbial inoculumMANU, MK; KUMAR, R; GARG, A
2012Performance Assessment of Storage Polices of the Vaigai Reservoir Using a Simulation ModelNIRMALA, J; ARUNKUMAR, R; JOTHIPRAKASH, V
2012Performance assessment of storage policies of the Vaigai Reservoir using a simulation modelJOTHIPRAKASH, V; NIRMALA, J; ARUNKUMAR, R