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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008Patterns of recrystallization in warm- and hot-deformed AA6022RAVEENDRA, S; MISHRA, S; KRISHNA, KVM; WEILAND, H; SAMAJDAR, I
2013Pauli blocking dynamics in optically excited quantum dots: A picosecond excitation-correlation spectroscopic studyMONDAL, R; BANSAL, B; MANDAL, A; CHAKRABARTI, S; PAL, B
1996Pb1-xTixO: A new photoactive phaseKRISHNA, KM; SHARON, M; MISHRA, MK
2015Pb2+ binding to lentil lectin and its influence on the protein aggregationTHAWARI, AG; TABBASUM, K; HINGE, VK; RAO, CP
2013PbCu3TeO7: an S=1/2 staircase kagome lattice with significant intra-plane and inter-plane couplingsKOTESWARARAO, B; KUMAR, R; CHAKRABORTY, J; JEON, BG; MAHAJAN, AV; DASGUPTA, I; KIM, KH; CHOU, FC
2017PBTI in HKMG nMOS Transistors-Effect of Width, Layout, and Other Technological ParametersDUHAN, P; RAO, VR; MOHAPATRA, NR
2015PCA Encrypted Short Acoustic Data Inculcated in Digital Color ImagesKARAMCHANDANI, SH; GANDHI, KJ; GOSALIA, SR; MADAN, VK; MERCHANT, SN; DESAI, UB
2001PCD in the machining of DRA compositesJOSHI, SS; RAMAKRISHNAN, N; RAMAKRISHNAN, P
2017PCMO-Based RRAM and NPN Bipolar Selector as Synapse for Energy Efficient STDPLASHKARE, S; PANWAR, N; KUMBHARE, P; DAS, B; GANGULY, U
2011[Pd(L)Cl(2)]-Catalyzed Selective Hydroxylation of Arylboronic Acids to PhenolsCHOWDHURY, AD; MOBIN, SM; MUKHERJEE, S; BHADURI, S; LAHIRI, GK
2017Pd-Catalyzed C-H arylation of pyridazine-based fused 1,2,4-triazoles: overriding selectivity at the usual position by undermining of preferred chelate formationSRINIVASAN, R; DEY, A; NAGARAJAN, NS; KUMARAN, RS; GANDHI, T; MAITI, D
2016Pd-Catalyzed Site-Selective Mono-allylic Substitution and Bis-arylation by Directed Allylic C-H Activation: Synthesis of anti-gamma-(Aryl,Styryl)-beta-hydroxy Acids and Highly Substituted TetrahydrofuransNALLASIVAM, JL; FERNANDES, RA
2000Peak effect in Ca3Rh4Sn13: Vortex phase diagram and evidences for stepwise amorphization of flux line latticeSARKAR, S; BANERJEE, SS; GROVER, AK; RAMAKRISHNAN, S; BHATTACHARYA, S; RAVIKUMAR, G; MISHRA, PK; SAHNI, VC; TOMY, CV; PAUL, DM; BALAKRISHNAN, G; HIGGINS, MJ
2009Peak effect phenomena, surface superconductivity and paramagnetic Meissner effect in a spherical single crystal of niobiumDAS, P; TOMY, CV; TAKEYA, H; RAMAKRISHNAN, S; GROVER, AK
2000Peak effect, plateau effect, and fishtail anomaly: The reentrant amorphization of vortex matter in 2H-NbSe2BANERJEE, SS; RAMAKRISHNAN, S; GROVER, AK; RAVIKUMAR, G; MISHRA, PK; SAHNI, VC; TOMY, CV; BALAKRISHNAN, G; PAUL, DM; GAMMEL, PL; BISHOP, DJ; BUCHER, E; HIGGINS, MJ; BHATTACHARYA, S
2007Peak seeking control using OBF-Wiener model based nonlinear IMC schemeDESHPANDE, S; KALPANA, N; BEDI, PS; PATWARDHAN, S
2016Pedestrian Crossing Treatment Warrants for Midblock Crosswalks Under Mixed Traffic ConditionsKADALI, BR; VEDAGIRI, P
2015Pedestrian temporal and spatial gap acceptance at mid-block street crossing in developing worldPAWAR, DS; PATIL, GR