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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Paramagnetic magnetization signals and curious metastable behaviour in field-cooled magnetization of a single crystal of superconductor 2H-NbSe2KUMAR, S; TOMY, CV; BALAKRISHNAN, G; PAUL, DM; GROVER, AK
1997The paramagnetic meissner effect in nd2-xcexcuoy superconductors at 40 g and flux trappingOKRAM, GS; ADROJA, DT; PADALIA, BD
1997Paramagnetic ruthenium(III) cyclometallated complex. Synthesis, spectroscopic studies and electron-transfer propertiesHARIRAM, R; SANTRA, BK; LAHIRI, GK
1999Paramagnetic ruthenium(III) ortho-metallated complexes. Synthesis, spectroscopic and redox propertiesMUNSHI, PRADIP; SAMANTA, RAMAPATI; LAHIRI, GOUTAM KUMAR
2010Paramagnetic ruthenium-biimidazole derivatives [(acac)2Ru(III)(LH(n))](m), n/m=2/+, 1/0, 0/-. Synthesis, structures, solution properties and anion receptor features in solution stateKUNDU, T; MOBIN, SM; LAHIRI, GK
2015Parameter estimation of linear and quadratic chirps by employing the fractional fourier transform and a generalized time frequency transformSAHAY, SB; MEGHASYAM, T; ROY, RK; POONIWALA, G; CHILAMKURTHY, S; GADRE, V
2005Parameter estimation of unstable, limit cycling systems using adaptive feedback linearization: example of delta wing roll dynamicsJAIN, H; KAUL, V; ANANTHKRISHNAN, N
2008Parameter extraction for advanced MOSFET model using particle swarm optimizationTHAKKER, RA; PATIL, MB; ANIL, KG
2016Parameter extraction for dynamic PV thermal model using particle swarm optimisationCHOPDE, A; MAGARE, D; PATIL, M; GUPTA, R; SASTRY, OS
2007Parameter extraction for MOS model 11 using particle swarm optimizationCHOPDE, AM; KHANDELWAL, S; THAKKER, RA; PATIL, MB; ANIL, KG
2009Parameter extraction for PSP MOSFET model using hierarchical particle swarm optimizationTHAKKER, RA; PATIL, MB; ANIL, KG
2007Parameter extraction for PSP MOSFET model using particle swarm optimizationTHAKKER, RA; GANDHI, N; PATIL, MB; ANIL, KG
2011Parameter identification in dynamic systems using the homotopy optimization approachVYASARAYANI, CP; UCHIDA, T; CARVALHO, A; MCPHEE, J
2012Parameter identification of the Jiles-Atherton hysteresis model using a hybrid techniqueBAGHEL, APS; KULKARNI, SV
2008Parameter identification of torsionally coupled shear buildings from earthquake response recordsHEGDE, G; SINHA, R
2000A parameter identification technique for detection of spacer locations in an assembly of two coaxial flexible tubesSINHA, JK; MUJUMDAR, PM; MOORTHY, RIK
2008Parameter window of diamond growth on GaN films by microwave plasma chemical vapor depositionMOHAPATRA, DIPTI R; RAI, PADMNABH; MISRA, ABHA; TYAGI, PK; YADAV, BRAJESH S; MISRA, DS
2003Parameterization and classification of the protein universe via geometric techniquesTENDULKAR, ASHISH V; WANGIKAR, PRAMOD P; SOHONI, MILIND; SAMANT, VIVEKANAND V; MONE, CHETAN Y
2005Parameters affecting soil-water characteristic curves of fine-grained soilsTHAKUR, VKS; SREEDEEP, S; SINGH, DN
2006Parameters controlling supersaturation by DELOS using carbon dioxideDALVI, SV; MUKHOPADHYAY, M