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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Proposal for a Domain Wall Nano-Oscillator driven by Non-uniform Spin CurrentsSHARMA, S; MURALIDHARAN, B; TULAPURKAR, A
2011A Proposal for a Novel Method to Measure the Diffusivity of Species in SlagMUHMOOD, L; VISWANATHAN, NN; SEETHARAMAN, S
2013Proposed mechanism to represent the suppression of dark current density by four orders with low energy light ion (H-) implantation in quaternary alloy-capped InAs/GaAs quantum dot infrared photodetectorsMANDAL, A; GHADI, H; MATHUR, KL; BASU, A; SUBRAHMANYAM, NBV; SINGH, P; CHAKRABARTI, S
2012A Protecting-Group-Free Synthesis of Hagen's Gland LactonesFERNANDES, RA; KATTANGURU, P
2006Protection against peroxynitrite-mediated nitration reaction by intramolecularly coordinated diorganoselenidesKUMAR, S; SINGH, HB; WOLMERSHAUSER, G
2000Protection and deprotection sequence in tetracyclo[,11).0(5,9)]undeca-2,7-dione system using tetrachlorosilaneKOTHA, S; CHAKRABORTY, K
2012Protective effect of curcumin, silymarin and N-acetylcysteine on antitubercular drug-induced hepatotoxicity assessed in an in vitro modelSINGH, M; SASI, P; GUPTA, VH; RAI, G; AMARAPURKAR, DN; WANGIKAR, PP
2009Protein adsorption on heterogeneous surfacesAGGARWAL, N; LAWSON, K; KERSHAW, M; HORVATH, R; RAMSDEN, J
2007Protein aggregation: a perspective from amyloid and inclusion-body formationIDICULA-THOMAS, S; BALAJI, PV
2012Protein based nanoparticles as platforms for aspirin delivery for ophthalmologic applicationsDAS, S; BELLARE, JR; BANERJEE, R
2008Protein design with l- and d-alpha-amino acid structures as the alphabetDURANI, S
2004Protein folding and protein-solvent interactions: biophysical approachSINGH, SK; KISHORE, N
1998Protein folding intermediates - are we seeing too many of themLALA, AK
2010Protein homomers in point-group assembly: Symmetry making and breaking are specific and distinctive in their codes of chemical alphabet in side chainsPEDNEKAR, D; DURANI, S
2007Protein local conformations arise from a mixture of Gaussian distributionsTENDULKAR, AV; OGUNNAIKE, B; WANGIKAR, PP
2014Protein stabilization and counteraction of denaturing effect of urea by glycine betaineKUMAR, N; KISHORE, N
2007Protein structure classification using geometric invariants and dynamic programmingDALAL, A; DESHMUKH, S; WANGIKAR, PP
2001Protein structure determination by non-parametric regression and knowledge-based constraintsJYOTHI, S; JOSHI, RR
2007Protein structure prediction aided by geometrical and probabilistic constraintsPORWAL, G; JAIN, S; BABU, SD; SINGH, D; NANAVATI, H; NORONHA, S
1998Protein tyrosine phosphorylation activates rat splenic type II phosphatidylinositol 4-kinase in vitroFERNANDIS, AZ; SUBRAHMANYAM, G
Showing results 12979 to 12998 of 18109
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