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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Bifunctional nickel precatalysts of amido-functionalized N-heterocyclic carbenes for base-free Michael reaction under ambient conditionsKUMAR, S; NARAYANAN, A; RAO, MN; SHAIKH, MM; GHOSH, P
2000Bifurcation analysis for onset and cessation of surge in axial flow compressorsAGARWAL, A; ANANTHKRISHNAN, N
2003Bifurcation analysis of inertia coupled roll manoeuvres of airplanesSINHA, NK; ANANTHKRISHNAN, N
2007Bifurcation analysis on PT and IR for the reduction of NO by COMANTRI, D; MEHTA, V; AGHALAYAM, P
2008Bilinear CTOD/CTOA scheme for characterisation of large range mode I and mixed mode stable crack growth through AISI 4340 steelMAITI, SK; KISHORE, GK; MOURAD, AHI
2013Binary Complexes of Ammonia with Phenylacetylenes: A Combined Experimental and Computational Approach to Explore Multiple Minima on Intermolecular PotentialsDEY, A; MONDAL, SI; PATWARI, GN
2010Binary complexes of tertiary amines with phenylacetylene. Dispersion wins over electrostaticsMAITY, S; PATWARI, GN; KARTHIKEYAN, S; KIM, KS
2012Binaural dichotic presentation to reduce the effects of spectral masking in moderate bilateral sensorineural hearing lossKULKARNI, PN; PANDEY, PC; JANGAMASHETTI, DS
2001Binding and transport of oxyanions by dendrimers and cryptands.STEPHAN, H; SPIES, H; JOHANNSEN, B; WICHMANN, K; RAMBUSCH, T; GLOE, K; CHAND, DK; BHARADWAJ, PK; VOGTLE, F
2006Binding of 8-anilinonaphthalene sulfonate to dimeric and tetrameric concanavalin A: Energetics and its implications on saccharide binding studied by isothermal titration calorimetry and spectroscopyBANERJEE, T; KISHORE, N
2008Binding of lipoic acid induces conformational change and appearance of a new binding site in methylglyoxal modified serum albuminSUJI, G; KHEDKAR, SA; SINGH, SK; KISHORE, N; COUTINHO, EC; BHOR, VM; SIVAKAMI, S
2006Binding of naproxen and amitriptyline to bovine serum albumin: Biophysical aspectsBANERJEE, T; SINGH, SK; KISHORE, N
2009Binding of streptomycin with bovine serum albumin: energetics and conformational aspectsJHA, NIKI S; NAND KISHORE
2009Binding of streptomycin with bovine serum albumin: Energetics and conformational aspectsJHA, NS; KISHORE, N
2013The Binomial k-CliqueNARAYANA, NS; SANE, S
2006Bioaccumulation and biosorption of drimarene red dye by Aspergillus foetidusBIDISHA, C; SREERANJANI, R; SHAIK, A; CHAUDHARI, S; SUMATHI, S
1997BiobatteriesCONTRACTOR, AQ
2013A biochemical correlate of dimorphism in a zygomycete Benjaminiella poitrasii: characterization of purified NAD-dependent glutamate dehydrogenase, a target for antifungal agentsJOSHI, CV; PATHAN, EK; PUNEKAR, NS; TUPE, SG; KAPADNIS, BP; DESHPANDE, MV
2011The biocompatibility and separation performance of antioxidative polysulfone/vitamin E TPGS composite hollow fiber membranesDAHE, GJ; TEOTIA, RS; KADAM, SS; BELLARE, JR
Showing results 1237 to 1256 of 17031
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