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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20143D structure generation, virtual screening and docking of human Ras-associated binding (Rab3A) protein involved in tumourigenesisLODHI, SS; FARMER, R; SINGH, AK; JAISWAL, YK; WADHWA, G
20173D-CFD investigation into free convection flow above a heated horizontal cylinder: Comparisons with experimental dataLIN, KC; BHOSALE, Y; HUANG, CYZ
20003d-structure of Human Seminal Plasma Prostatic Inhibin by nonparametric regressionJYOTHI, S; JOSHI, RR
19824 quadrant analog divider employing 555 timer deviceRATHORE, TS
20044-Chlorobutanol induces unusual reversible and irreversible thermal unfolding of ribonuclease A: thermodynamic, kinetic, and conformational characterizationMEHTA, RANJANA; KUNDU, AGNITA; NAND KISHORE
20084-IodoquinolineSINGH, L; MOBIN, SM; TALWAR, SS
2004(40)A-Ar-39 age of a lava flow from the bhimashankar formation, Giravali ghat, Deccan TrapsPANDE, K; PATTANAYAK, SK; SUBBARAO, KV; NAVANEETHAKRISHNAN, P; VENKATESAN, TR
2009(40)Ar-(39)Ar dating of volcanic rocks of the Shyok suture zone in north-west trans-Himalaya: Implications for the post-collision evolution of the Shyok suture zoneBHUTANI, R; PANDE, K; VENKATESAN, TR
200940Ar–39Ar dating of volcanic rocks of the Shyok suture zone in North–West Trans-Himalaya: implications for the post-collision evolution of the Shyok suture zoneBHUTANI, RAJNEESH; PANDE, KANCHAN; VENKATESAN, T R
1997(+/-45) degree off-axis tension test for shear characterization of plain weave fabric compositesGANESH, VK; NAIK, NK
19874Th International Pittsburgh Coal ConferenceSUNAVALA, PD
19874Th International-Conference On Age-Hardenable Aluminum-AlloysRAMAKRISHNAN, P
19834th recycling world congressRAMAKRISHNAN, P
2010[5+3] Cycloaddition of 3-Oxidopyrylium: A Novel Route to Functionalized Cyclooctanoids from FuransKRISHNA, UM; PATIL, MP; SUNOJ, RB; TRIVEDI, GK
20105,10,15,20-Tetra-2-furylporphyrinGHOSH, A; BUTCHER, RJ; MOBIN, SM; RAVIKANTH, M
19795Th European Powder-Metallurgy SymposiumRAMAKRISHNAN, P
20106-bit low-power subranging-ADC with increased throughputGOWDHAMAN, SK; BAGHINI, MS
1996622 Mb/s/channel parallel digital optical receiver array module using hybrid packagingSIALA, S; RAMAKRISHNAN, V; GOVINDARAJAN, M; DEKOVIC, Y; KINTER, R; PADILLA, J; LEVI, AFJ; NOTTENBURG, RN