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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005A novel algorithm for reducing computational complexity of MC-DCT in frequency-domain video transcodersNAYAK, DEEPAK; MEHTA, DIPAN; DESAI, UB
2009Novel and efficient MR active aqueous colloidal Fe(3)O(4) nanoassembliesBARICK, KC; ASLAM, M; LIN, YP; BAHADUR, D; PRASAD, PV; DRAVID, VP
2005Novel and efficient synthesis of bicyclo[2.2.2]octenones and sigmatropic shifts in ground and excited states: Stereoselective route to cis-decalins and diquinane frameworksSINGH, V; IYER, SR; MOBIN, SM
2004Novel and rapid synthetic routes to A(3)B- and AB(3)-Type 21-thiaporphyrins and their use in the construction of unsymmetrical covalent and non-covalent porphyrin arraysGUPTA, I; AGARWAL, N; RAVIKANTH, M
2008A Novel and robust approach for common mode feedback using IDDG FinFETSHRIVASTAVA, MAYANK; BAGHINI, MS; SACHID, AB; SHARMA, DK; RAMGOPAL RAO, V
2010Novel approaches for transmission system expansion planning including coordination issuesBALIJEPALLI, VSKM; KHAPARDE, SA
2010A novel approach for on-line deformation diagnostics of transformer windingsJOSHI, PM; KULKARNI, SV
2004Novel approach for the bulk synthesis of nanocrystalline yttria doped thoria powders via polymeric precursor routesGANESAN, R; VIVEKANANDHAN, S; GNANASEKARAN, T; PERIASWAMI, G; SRINIVASA, RS
2012A novel approach to estimating potential maximum heavy metal exposure to ship recycling yard workers in Alang, IndiaDESHPANDE, PC; TILWANKAR, AK; ASOLEKAR, SR
2013A novel approach to estimating resource consumption rates and emission factors for ship recycling yards in Alang, IndiaDESHPANDE, PC; KALBAR, PP; TILWANKAR, AK; ASOLEKAR, SR
2010A novel approach to increase emission wavelength of InAs/GaAs quantum dots by using a quaternary capping layerCHOWDHURY, S; ADHIKARY, S; HALDER, N; CHAKRABARTI, S
2010A novel approach to land-cover maps updating in complex scenarios based on multitemporal remote sensing imagesBAHIRAT, K; BOVOLO, F; BRUZZONE, L; CHAUDHURI, S
2009A Novel Approach to Link Process Parameters to BSIM Model ParametersMANDE, S; CHANDORKAR, AN; HSAIO, C; HUANG, K; SHEU, YM; LIU, S
2001Novel approach to mixed Group 15/16 element ligands - Formation of unusual trichalcogenophosphonato ligands in mixed Fe/Cr clustersSCHEER, M; UMBARKAR, SB; CHATTERJEE, S; TRIVEDI, R; MATHUR, P
2011A novel approach to multiparametric quadratic programmingGUPTA, A; BHARTIYA, S; NATARAJ, PSV
2013A novel approach to process phase pure alpha-Al2O3 coatings by solution precursor plasma sprayingSIVAKUMAR, G; DUSANE, RO; JOSHI, SV
2013A novel approach to quantitative evaluation of hyperspectral image fusion techniquesKOTWAL, K; CHAUDHURI, S
1997A novel approach to tricyclo[,6)]dodecanes through tandem Diels-Alder reactionsHADIMANI, SB; PADMAKUMAR, R; MANISEKARAN, T; BHAT, SV
2009A novel approach to video-based pupil trackingKUMAR, N; KOHLBECHER, S; SCHNEIDER, E
2011A novel architecture for improving slew rate in FinFET-based op-amps and OTAsTHAKKER, RA; SRIVASTAVA, M; TAILOR, KH; BAGHINI, MS; SHARMA, DK; RAO, VR; PATIL, MB
Showing results 10879 to 10898 of 18109
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