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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Lewis Acid Mediated Cascade Friedel-Craft/Alkyne Indo1-2-y1 Cation Cyclization/Vinyl Cation Trapping for the Synthesis of N-Fused Indole DerivativesGHARPURE, SJ; SHELKE, YG
2017Lewis Acid Promoted Oxonium Ion Driven Carboamination of Alkynes for the Synthesis of 4-Alkoxy QuinolinesGHARPURE, SJ; NANDA, SK; ADATE, PA; SHELKE, YG
2016Lexicographic optimization based MPC: Simulation and experimental studyANILKUMAR, M; PADHIYAR, N; MOUDGALYA, K
1998Li-7 and V-51 NMR study of the heavy-fermion compound LiV2O4MAHAJAN, AV; SALA, R; LEE, E; BORSA, F; KONDO, S; JOHNSTON, DC
2013Li2MnO3 rich-LiMn0.33Co0.33Ni0.33O2 integrated nano-composites as high energy density lithium-ion battery cathode materialsRAJARATHINAM, S; MITRA, S; PETLA, RK
2014Li2ZnV3O8: a vanadium-based geometrically frustrated spinel systemCHAKRABARTY, T; MAHAJAN, AV; KOTESWARARAO, B
1997Li3B5O8(OH)(2): Crystal growth and ionic conductivity studiesBYRAPPA, K; JAYANTHARAJA, VP; SHEKAR, KVK; RAJEEV, V; HANUMESH, VJ; KULKARNI, AR; KULKARNI, AB
2014Li3V2(PO4)(3) Addition to the Olivine Phase: Understanding the Effect in Electrochemical PerformanceSARKAR, S; MITRA, S
1997Lie transformation group solutions of non-linear equations describing viscoelastic materialsJENA, J; SHARMA, VD
2017Life cycle assessment of microalgae based biodiesel production to evaluate the impact of biomass productivity and energy sourceTOGARCHETI, SC; MEDIBOYINA, MK; CHAUHAN, VS; MUKHERJI, S; RAVI, S; MUDLIAR, SN
2017Life cycle assessment of potential municipal solid waste management strategies for Mumbai, IndiaSHARMA, BK; CHANDEL, MK
2017Life cycle based dynamic assessment coupled with multiple criteria decision analysis: A case study of determining an optimal building insulation levelSOHN, JL; KALBAR, PP; BIRKVED, M
2016Life cycle-based decision support tool for selection of wastewater treatment alternativesKALBAR, PP; KARMAKAR, S; ASOLEKAR, SR
2000Life role salience: A study of dual-career couples in the Indian contextRAJADHYAKSHA, U; BHATNAGAR, D
1996Lifetime and g-factor measurements of the 11(-) isomer in Tc-92TULAPURKAR, AA; DAS, P; MISHRA, SN; PILLAY, RG; SHEIKH, JA
2015Lifetime of inner-shell hole states of Ar (2p) and Kr (3d) using equation-of-motion coupled cluster methodGHOSH, A; PAL, S; VAVAL, N
2011Lifting for conic mixed-integer programmingATAMTURK, A; NARAYANAN, V
2008Lifting structures for quincunx FIR filter-banks with quadrantal or diagonal symmetryPATIL, BHUSHAN; PATWARDHAN, PG; GADRE, VM