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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Leakage current generation in view of circuit topology of non-isolated full-bridge neutral point clamped grid-tied photovoltaic invertersANANDABABU, C; FERNANDES, BG
2017Leaky Integrate and Fire Neuron by Charge-Discharge Dynamics in Floating-Body MOSFETDUTTA, S; KUMAR, V; SHUKLA, A; MOHAPATRA, NR; GANGULY, U
2016Learning AgentsKALYANAKRISHNAN, S
2007Learning algorithms for finite horizon constrained markov decision processesMITTAL, A; HEMACHANDRA, N
2009Learning based address mapping for improving the performance of memory subsystemsKUMAR, P; DESAI, MP
2004Learning distinguishable linear grammars from positive dataLAXMINARAYANA, JA; SEMPERE, JM; NAGARAJA, G
2006Learning parameters in entity relationship graphs from ranking preferencesCHAKRABARTI, S; AGARWAL, A
2010Learning to optimally exploit multi-channel diversity in wireless systemsCHAPORKAR, P; PROUTIERE, A; ASNANI, H
2005A learning-based method for image super-resolution from zoomed observationsCHAUDHURI, SUBHASIS; JOSHI, MV; PANUGANTI, R
1979Least-square collocation as applied to the analysis of strip transmission-linesSESHADRI, TK; MAHAPATRA, S; RAJAIAH, K
2016Lemon Juice Based Extraction of Pectin from Mango Peels: Waste to Wealth by Sustainable ApproachesBANERJEE, J; VIJAYARAGHAVAN, R; ARORA, A; MACFARLANE, DR; PATTI, AF
2007Length and composition analysis of the cytoplasmic, transmembrane and stem regions of human Golgi glycosyltransferasesPATEL, RY; BALAJI, PV
2004Leptogenesis with left-right domain wallsYAJNIK, UA; CLINE, J; RABIKUMAR, M
1997A Leray-Schauder type theorem and applications to boundary value problems for neutral equationsSENGADIR, T; PAI, DV; PANI, AK
2010The Lesser Himalayan Duplex in Sikkim: Implications for Variations in Himalayan ShorteningMITRA, G; BHATTACHARYYA, K; MUKUL, M
2017Lessons from bacterial homolog of tubulin, FtsZ for microtubule dynamicsBATTAJE, RR; PANDA, D
2001Level flight trim and stability analysis using extended bifurcation and continuation procedureANANTHKRISHNAN, N; SINHA, NK
1986Levinson filter for nonstationary processesSHET, KC; RAO, BV
2017Levitation dynamics of a collection of charged droplets in an electrodynamic balanceSINGH, M; MAYYA, YS; GAWARE, J; THAOKAR, RM
1997Levitation studies on 1-2-3 cuprate superconductorsBHATTACHARYYA, A; AIYAR, RPRC; PRAKASH, O