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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Linear non-hysteretic gating of a very high density 2DEG in an undoped metal-semiconductor-metal sandwich structureDAS GUPTA, K; CROXALL, AF; MAK, WY; BEERE, HE; NICOLL, CA; FARRER, I; SFIGAKIS, F; RITCHIE, DA
2014Low temperature thermopower and electrical conductivity in highly conductive CuInO2 thin filmsNAIR, BG; OKRAM, GS; NADUVATH, J; SHRIPATHI, T; FATIMA, A; PATEL, T; JACOB, R; KEERTHI, K; REMILLARD, SK; PHILIP, RR
2014Magnesium and iron loaded hollow glass microspheres (HGMs) for hydrogen storageDALAI, S; VIJAYALAKSHMI, S; SHARMA, P; CHOO, KY
2012Mineralization of nanohydroxyapatite on electrospun poly(L-lactic acid)/gelatin by an alternate soaking process: A biomimetic scaffold for bone regenerationJAISWAL, AK; CHANDRA, V; BHONDE, RR; SONI, VP; BELLARE, JR
2015Modeling Debris Motion in Vibration Assisted Reverse Micro Electrical Discharge Machining Process (R-MEDM)MASTUD, SA; KOTHARI, NS; SINGH, RK; JOSHI, SS
2011Nanoweb anodes composed of one-dimensional, high aspect ratio, size tunable electrospun ZnFe(2)O(4) nanofibers for lithium ion batteriesTEH, PF; SHARMA, Y; PRAMANA, SS; SRINIVASAN, M
2012Organic CantiFET: A Nanomechanical Polymer Cantilever Sensor With Integrated OFETSEENA, V; NIGAM, A; PANT, P; MUKHERJI, S; RAO, VR
2011Photonic crystal waveguides by direct writing of e-beam on self-assembled photonic crystalsKEDIA, S; VIJAYA, R
2015Planar Alignment of Liquid Crystal in Silica-Based Photonic StructureDHIMAN, N; SHARMA, A; SINGH, BP; RAINA, KK; GATHANIA, AK
2014Preparation and characterization of hollow glass microspheres (HGMs) for hydrogen storage using urea as a blowing agentDALAI, S; VIJAYALAKSHMI, S; SHRIVASTAVA, P; SIVAM, SP; SHARMA, P
2014Preparation and characterization of hollow glass microspheres (HGMs) for hydrogen storage using urea as a blowing agentDALAI, S; VIJAYALAKSHMI, S; SHRIVASTAVA, P; SIVAM, SP; SHARMA, P
2012Preparation and characterization of lithium-titanate pebbles by solid-state reaction extrusion and spherodization techniques for fusion reactorMANDAL, D; SATHIYAMOORTHY, D; RAO, VG
2012Rapid manufacturing of metallic objectsKARUNAKARAN, KP; BERNARD, A; SURYAKUMAR, S; DEMBINSKI, L; TAILLANDIER, G
2014Rapid mold-free manufacturing of microfluidic devices with robust and spatially directed surface modificationsPARDON, G; SAHARIL, F; KARLSSON, JM; SUPEKAR, O; CARLBORG, CF; VAN DER WIJNGAART, W; HARALDSSON, T
2015Spin-coatable, photopatternable magnetic nanocomposite thin films for MEMS device applicationsKANDPAL, M; SHARAN, C; PALAPARTHY, V; TIWARY, N; PODDAR, P; RAO, VR
2015Stability of molecular layer deposited zincone films: experimental and theoretical explorationCHOUDHURY, D; RAJARAMAN, G; SARKAR, SK
2014Structural and optical properties of ZnO nanorods grown chemically on sputtered GaN buffer layersNANDI, R; JOSHI, P; SINGH, D; MOHANTA, P; SRINIVASA, RS; MAJOR, SS
2015Synthesis and characterization of bulk Cu2ZnSnX4 (X: S, Se) via thermodynamically supported mechano-chemical processPAREEK, D; BALASUBRAMANIAM, KR; SHARMA, P
2015Thermoelectric transport and microstructure of optimized Mg2Si0.8Sn0.2DE BOOR, J; GUPTA, S; KOLB, H; DASGUPT, T; MULLER, E
2014Vertically aligned ZnO nanorod array/CuO heterojunction for UV detector applicationVIKAS, LS; SANAL, KC; JAYARAJ, MK; ANTONY, A; PUIGDOLLERS, J
Showing results 27 to 46 of 46
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