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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Effect of amount of dye in the TiO2 photoanode on electron transport, recombination, J(sc) and V-oc of dye-sensitized solar cellsJENA, AK; BHARGAVA, P
2011Effect of CNTs growth on carbon fibers on the tensile strength of CNTs grown carbon fiber-reinforced polymer matrix compositesSHARMA, SP; LAKKAD, SC
2014Effect of Co loading on the hydrogen storage characteristics of hollow glass microspheres (HGMs)DALAI, S; VIJAYALAKSHMI, S; SHRIVASTAUA, P; SIVAM, SP; SHARMA, P
2015Effect of surfactant on dispersion of alumina in photopolymerizable monomers and their UV curing behavior for microstereolithographyADAKE, CV; BHARGAVA, P; GANDHI, P
2014Effects of temperature and strain rate on compressive flow behavior of aluminum-boron carbide compositesGANGOLU, S; RAO, AG; PRABHU, N; DESHMUKH, VP; KASHYAP, BP
2014Effects of temperature and strain rate on compressive flow behavior of aluminum-boron carbide compositesGANGOLU, S; RAO, AG; PRABHU, N; DESHMUKH, VP; KASHYAP, BP
2015Efficient hydrogen generation from sodium borohydride hydrolysis using silica sulfuric acid catalystMANNA, J; ROY, B; SHARMA, P
2012Electrical actuation and readout in a nanoelectromechanical resonator based on a laterally suspended zinc oxide nanowireKHADERBAD, MA; CHOI, Y; HIRALAL, P; AZIZ, A; WANG, N; DURKAN, C; THIRUVENKATANATHAN, P; AMARATUNGA, GAJ; RAO, VR; SESHIA, AA
2014Electrocatalytic activity of Cu2O nanocubes-based electrode for glucose oxidationFELIX, S; KOLLU, P; RAGHUPATHY, BPC; JEONG, SK; GRACE, AN
2013Evidence of strong acceptor peaks in ZnO thin films doped with phosphorus by plasma immersion ion implantation techniqueNAGAR, S; CHAKRABARTI, S
2011Flow behaviour of autoclaved, 20% cold worked, Zr-2.5Nb alloy pressure tube material in the temperature range of room temperature to 800 degrees CDUREJA, AK; SINHA, SK; SRIVASTAVA, A; SINHA, RK; CHAKRAVARTTY, JK; SESHU, P; PAWASKAR, DN
2015Graphene quantum dots decorated electrospun TiO2 nanofibers as an effective photoanode for dye sensitized solar cellsSALAM, Z; VIJAYAKUMAR, E; SUBRAMANIA, A; SIVASANKAR, N; MALLICK, S
2014Highly conductive n- and p-type CuInO thin films by reactive evaporationMARY, SA; NAIR, BG; NADUVATH, J; OKRAM, GS; REMILLARD, SK; SREENIVASAN, PV; PHILIP, RR
2012Impedimetric biosensor based on magnetic nanoparticles for electrochemical detection of dopamineCHANDRA, S; ARORA, K; BAHADUR, D
2013Improved functionalization of electrospun PLLA/gelatin scaffold by alternate soaking method for bone tissue engineeringJAISWAL, AK; KADAM, SS; SONI, VP; BELLARE, JR
2015Influence of PVP template on the formation of porous TiO2 nanofibers by electrospinning technique for dye-sensitized solar cellELAYAPPAN, V; PANNEERSELVAM, P; NEMALA, S; NALLATHAMBI, KS; ANGAIAH, S
2012Linear non-hysteretic gating of a very high density 2DEG in an undoped metal-semiconductor-metal sandwich structureDAS GUPTA, K; CROXALL, AF; MAK, WY; BEERE, HE; NICOLL, CA; FARRER, I; SFIGAKIS, F; RITCHIE, DA
2014Low temperature thermopower and electrical conductivity in highly conductive CuInO2 thin filmsNAIR, BG; OKRAM, GS; NADUVATH, J; SHRIPATHI, T; FATIMA, A; PATEL, T; JACOB, R; KEERTHI, K; REMILLARD, SK; PHILIP, RR
2014Magnesium and iron loaded hollow glass microspheres (HGMs) for hydrogen storageDALAI, S; VIJAYALAKSHMI, S; SHARMA, P; CHOO, KY
2012Mineralization of nanohydroxyapatite on electrospun poly(L-lactic acid)/gelatin by an alternate soaking process: A biomimetic scaffold for bone regenerationJAISWAL, AK; CHANDRA, V; BHONDE, RR; SONI, VP; BELLARE, JR
Showing results 11 to 30 of 46
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