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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005Allosteric NADP-glutamate dehydrogenase from aspergilli: purification, characterization and implications for metabolic regulation at the carbon-nitrogen interfaceNOOR, S; PUNEKAR, NS
2004Antimitotic antifungal compound benomyl inhibits brain microtubule polymerization and dynamics and cancer cell proliferation at mitosis, by binding to a novel site in tubulinGUPTA, K; BISHOP, J; PECK, A; BROWN, J; WILSON, L; PANDA, D
2006Bioaccumulation and biosorption of drimarene red dye by Aspergillus foetidusBIDISHA, C; SREERANJANI, R; SHAIK, A; CHAUDHARI, S; SUMATHI, S
2008Combined effects of carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus substrates on D-ribose production via transketolase deficient strain of Bacillus pumilusSRIVASTAVA, RK; WANGIKAR, PP
2008Delineation of an in vivo inhibitor for Aspergillus glutamate dehydrogenaseCHOUDHURY, R; NOOR, S; VARADARAJALU, LP; PUNEKAR, NS
2009Epigenetics of the yeast galactose genetic switchBHAT, PJ; IYER, RS
2010Experimental and steady-state analysis of the GAL regulatory system in Kluyveromyces lactisPANNALA, VR; BHARTIYA, S; VENKATESH, KV
2003Galactose-1-phosphate is a regulator of inositol monophosphatase: a fact or a fiction?BHAT, PJ
2006Hierarchical amino acid utilization and its influence on fermentation dynamics: rifamycin B fermentation using Amycolatopsis mediterranei S699, a case studyBAPAT, PM; DAS, D; SOHONI, SV; WANGIKAR, PP
1997The metabolism of 4-aminobutyrate (GABA) in fungiKUMAR, S; PUNEKAR, NS
2009Modeling and experimental studies on intermittent starch feeding and citrate addition in simultaneous saccharification and fermentation of starch to flavor compoundsCHAVAN, A; RAGHUNATHAN, A; VENKATESH, K
2006Multiple feedback loop design in the tryptophan regulatory network of Escherichia coli suggests a paradigm for robust regulation of processes in seriesBHARTIYA, S; CHAUDHARY, N; VENKATESH, KV; DOYLE, FJ
1999Nickel biosorption from aqueous systems: Studies on single and multimetal equilibria, kinetics, and recoverySUHASINI, IP; SRIRAM, G; ASOLEKAR, SR; SURESHKUMAR, GK
2008Pseudohyphal differentiation defect due to mutations in GPCR and ammonium signaling is suppressed by low glucose concentration: a possible integrated role for carbon and nitrogen limitationIYER, RS; DAS, M; BHAT, PJ
2010Yeast cohesin complex embraces 2 micron plasmid sisters in a tri-linked catenane complexGHOSH, SK; HUANG, CC; HAJRA, S; JAYARAM, M
Showing results 1 to 15 of 15


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