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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005Complex series [Ru(tpy)(dpk)(X)](n+) (tpy=2,2 ': 6 ',2 ''-terpyridine; dpk=2,2 '-dipyridyl ketone; X = Cl-, CH3CN, NO2-, NO+, NO center dot, NO-): Substitution and electron transfer, structure, and spectroscopySARKAR, S; SARKAR, B; CHANDA, N; KAR, S; MOBIN, SM; FIEDLER, J; KAIM, W; LAHIRI, GK
2008Formation, reactivity, and photorelease of metal bound nitrosyl in [Ru(trpy)(L)(NO)](n+) (trpy=2,2 ': 6 ',2 ''-terpyridine, L=2-phenylimidazo[4,5-f]1,10-phenanthroline)MAJI, S; SARKAR, B; PATRA, M; DAS, AK; MOBIN, SM; KAIM, W; LAHIRI, GK
2010{Ru-NO}(6) and {Ru-NO}(7) configurations in [Ru(trpy)(tmp)(NO)](n+) (trpy=2,2 ':6 ',2 ''-terpyridine, tmp=3,4,7,8-tetramethyl-1,10-phenanthroline): An experimental and theoretical investigationDE, P; MONDAL, TK; MOBIN, SM; SARKAR, B; LAHIRI, GK
2009Stabilization of {runo}(6) and {runo}(7) states in [ru(ii)(trpy)(bik)(no)](n+) {trpy=2,2 ':6 ',2 ''-terpyridine, bik=2,2 '-bis(1-methylimidazolyl) ketone} - formation, reactivity, and photorelease of metal-bound nitrosylDE, P; SARKAR, B; MAJI, S; DAS, AK; BULAK, E; MOBIN, SM; KAIM, W; LAHIRI, GK
2007Synthesis and spectro-electrochemical aspects of [Ru-II(trpy)(pdt)(X)](n+) (trpy=2,2 ': 6 ',2 ''-terpyridine, pdt=5,6-diphenyl-3-pyridyl-as-triazine, X = Cl-, CH3CN, NO2-, NO+, NO center dot) - Electrophilicity of {Ru-II-NO+} and photolability of {Ru-II-NO center dot}MAJI, S; CHATTERJEE, C; MOBIN, SM; LAHIRI, GK
Showing results 1 to 5 of 5


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