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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20122-(2 '-Pyridyl)benzimidazole as a Fluorescent Probe of Hydration of Nafion MembranesIYER, ESS; SAMANTA, D; DEY, A; KUNDU, A; DATTA, A
2013Advanced Control Architectures for Intelligent Microgrids-Part I: Decentralized and Hierarchical ControlGUERRERO, JM; CHANDORKAR, M; LEE, TL; LOH, PC
2013Aggregation induced chirality in a self assembled perylene based hydrogel: application of the intracellular pH measurementSUKUL, PK; SINGH, PK; MAJI, SK; MALIK, S
2011Analysis and comparative study of pulsating current of fuel cells by inverter load with different power converter topologiesSOMAIAH, B; AGARWAL, V; CHOUDHURY, SR; DUTTAGUPTA, SP; GOVINDAN, K
2011Analysis of 3000 T class submarines equipped with polymer electrolyte fuel cellsGHOSH, PC; VASUDEVA, U
2012Analysis of stable periodic orbits in the one dimensional linear piecewise-smooth discontinuous mapRAJPATHAK, B; PILLAI, HK; BANDYOPADHYAY, S
2013Analysis of Steady-State Multiplicity in Reactive Distillation ColumnsPUROHIT, JL; MAHAJANI, SM; PATWARDHAN, SC
2014Analysis of sub- and supercritical Hopf bifurcation with a reduced order model in natural circulation loopPAUL, S; SINGH, S
2011Approximate Methods for Estimating Hysteretic Energy Demand on Plan-Asymmetric BuildingsRATHORE, M; CHOWDHURY, AR; GHOSH, S
2011Aromatic interactions at atom-to-atom contact and just beyond: A case study of protein interactions of NAD(+)/NADP(+)GUPTA, P; DURANI, S
2012Attainable region of reactive distillation-Part IV: Inclusion of multistage units for complex reaction schemesAMTE, V; GAIKWAD, R; MALIK, R; MAHAJANI, S
2011Attainable regions of reactive distillation-Part III. Complex reaction scheme: Van de Vusse reactionAMTE, V; NISTALA, S; MALIK, R; MAHAJANI, S
2012Automated synthesis of multivariable QFT controller using interval constraint satisfaction techniquePATIL, MD; NATARAJ, PSV
2014Boundary induced phase transition with stochastic entrance and exitMITRA, MK; CHATTERJEE, S
2013Centrifuge study of anchored geosynthetic slopesRAJABIAN, A; GHIASSIAN, H; VISWANADHAM, BVS
2011Channel estimation and user selection in the MIMO broadcast channelDAVIS, LM; HANLY, SV; TUNE, P; BHASKARAN, SR
2011Channel estimation and user selection in the MIMO broadcast channelDAVIS, LM; HANLY, SV; TUNE, P; BHASKARAN, SR
2013A cluster expansion model for predicting activation barrier of atomic processesREHMAN, T; JAIPAL, M; CHATTERJEE, A
2014Combining Complementary Ligands into one Framework for the Construction of a Ferromagnetically Coupled [Mn-12(III)] WheelSANZ, S; FROST, JM; RAJESHKUMAR, T; DALGARNO, SJ; RAJARAMAN, G; WERNSDORFER, W; SCHNACK, J; LUSBY, PJ; BRECHIN, EK
Showing results 1 to 20 of 126
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