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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Alternate Coupling Mechanism for Dynamical Quorum SensingSINGH, H; PARMANANDA, P
2015Biodegradation of dimethyl phthalate ester using free cells, entrapped cells of Variovorax sp BS1 and cell free enzyme extracts: A comparative studyPRASAD, B; SURESH, S
2015Characterization of algal and microbial community growth in a wastewater treating batch photo-bioreactor inoculated with lake waterKRUSTOK, I; ODLARE, M; SHABIIMAM, MA; TRUU, J; TRUU, M; LIGI, T; NEHRENHEIM, E
2014Characterization of cost with respect to nutritional upshift in the media composition along with sublethal doses of transcriptional and translational inhibitorMALAKAR, P
2015Comprehensive Analysis of Temporal Alterations in Cellular Proteome of Bacillus subtilis under Curcumin TreatmentREDDY, PJ; SINHA, S; RAY, S; SATHE, GJ; CHATTERJEE, A; PRASAD, TSK; DHALI, S; SRIKANTH, R; PANDA, D; SRIVASTAVA, S
2015Crowd synchrony in chaotic oscillatorsSINGH, H; PARMANANDA, P
2011Evanescent wave absorbance based fiber optic biosensor for label-free detection of E. coli at 280 nm wavelengthBHARADWAJ, R; SAI, VVR; THAKARE, K; DHAWANGALE, A; KUNDU, T; TITUS, S; VERMA, PK; MUKHERJI, S
2015G-quadruplex forming structural motifs in the genome of Deinococcus radiodurans and their regulatory roles in promoter functionsKOTA, S; DHAMODHARAN, V; PRADEEPKUMAR, PI; MISRA, HS
2013Nitrophenol removal by simultaneous nitrification denitrification (SND) using T. pantotropha in sequencing batch reactors (SBR)KULKARNI, P
2011Phenotypic characterization of Corynebacterium glutamicum under osmotic stress conditions using elementary mode analysisRAJVANSHI, M; VENKATESH, KV
2014Pseudomonas putida CSV86: A Candidate Genome for Genetic BioaugmentationPALIWAL, V; RAJU, SC; MODAK, A; PHALE, PS; PUROHIT, HJ
2013Quorum sensing via static coupling demonstrated by Chua's circuitsSINGH, H; PARMANANDA, P
Showing results 1 to 12 of 12


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