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1973Semiempirical evaluation of single bond-energies of some polyatomic-moleculesKULKARNI, KS; SARMA, CR; MURTHY, JS
1973Extraction and photometric determination of uranium(vi) by n-phenyl-2-naphthohydroxamic acidAGRAWAL, YK
1973Separation of copper by anion-exchange in malonate mediaSITARAM, R; KHOPKAR, SM
1973Synthesis of closed-box systems using available driversZACHARIA, KP
1973Significance of open circuit adsorption of organic compounds on platinum-electrodeSIDHESWAP
1973Diaryldithiophosphinato complexes of oxovanadium(iv) and dioxouranium (vi)MUKHERJERN; SHANBHAG, SV; VENKATESMS; ZINGDE, MD
1973Hydromagnetic flow in a rotating fluid past an infinite porous wallSOUNDALGVM; POP, I
1973Mesityl oxide as an extracting agent for berylliumDHOND, PV; KHOPKAR, SM
1973Gravimetric determination of cadmium with n-phenylbenzohydroxamic acidAGRAWAL, YK
1973Stability-constants of some bivalent-metal complexes of n-phenyl ortho tolylbenzohydroxamic acidAGRAWAL, YK; SHUKLA, JP
1973Correction factors for glass-electrode in aqueous dioxanAGRAWAL, YK
1973Effect of a crack in an infinite plane containing a circular hole under uniform normal pressureBHARGAVA, RD; BHARGAVA, RR
1973Increase In Bearing Capacity Resulting From ConsolidationBHIDE, SB; SUNDARAM, PN
1973Note on effects of an external circuit on a mhd composite slider bearingSOUNDALGVM
1973Study of intermediates adsorbed on platinized platinum during anodic-oxidation of ethanolSIDHESWAP; LAL, H
1973Flow of an elasticoviscous fluid in a circular tube under pressure-gradients varying exponentially with timeSOUNDALGVM
1973Magnetic, visible spectroscopic and esr studies on tris(diaryldithiophosphinato)chromium(iii) complexesMUKHERJERN; ZINGDE, MD
1973Cobalt and nickel acetylacetonates lithium aluminum-hydride as hydrogenation catalysts for aromaticsMURUGESAN; SARKAR, S
1973Lactonic terpenoids and related productsBHATTACHSC
1973Liquid-liquid extraction of antimony(iii) with mesityl oxideDHOND, PV; KHOPKAR, SM