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1973Self-similar isothermal flow in generalized roche modelRANGARAO, MP; PUROHIT, SC
1973Titrimetric determination of selenium(iv) by a lead nitrate solution using 4-(2-pyridylazo)-resorcinolESHVAR, MS; NAGARKAR, SG
1973Oil flow through journal-bearingKULKARNI, GR
1973Preliminary structure-analysis of dichlorophenoxy acetic-acidGOPALAKRT; RAO, LM
1973Extraction and spectrophotometric determination of vanadium (v) from n-meta-tolyl-ortho-methoxybenzohydroxamic acidAGRAWAL, YK; CHATTOPAMC; ABBASI, SA; BODAS, MG
1973Adduct of bis(diphenyldithiophosphinato)nickel(ii) with neutral dimethyglyoximeMUKHERJERN; ZINGDE, MD
1973Extractive separation and direct colorimetric determination of cadmium with thiothenoyltrifluoroacetoneSOLANKE, KR; KHOPKAR, SM
1973Base pressures in flow expansions by hydraulic analogyNINGAPPA, HS; NARASIMHS
1973Rapid extraction and direct spectrophotometric determination of iron(iii) with thiothenoyltrifluoroacetoneMULYE, RR; KHOPKAR, SM
1973Semiempirical evaluation of single bond-energies of some polyatomic-moleculesKULKARNI, KS; SARMA, CR; MURTHY, JS
1973Extraction and photometric determination of uranium(vi) by n-phenyl-2-naphthohydroxamic acidAGRAWAL, YK
1973Separation of copper by anion-exchange in malonate mediaSITARAM, R; KHOPKAR, SM
1973Synthesis of closed-box systems using available driversZACHARIA, KP
1973Significance of open circuit adsorption of organic compounds on platinum-electrodeSIDHESWAP
1973Diaryldithiophosphinato complexes of oxovanadium(iv) and dioxouranium (vi)MUKHERJERN; SHANBHAG, SV; VENKATESMS; ZINGDE, MD
1973Hydromagnetic flow in a rotating fluid past an infinite porous wallSOUNDALGVM; POP, I
1973Mesityl oxide as an extracting agent for berylliumDHOND, PV; KHOPKAR, SM
1973Gravimetric determination of cadmium with n-phenylbenzohydroxamic acidAGRAWAL, YK
1973Stability-constants of some bivalent-metal complexes of n-phenyl ortho tolylbenzohydroxamic acidAGRAWAL, YK; SHUKLA, JP
1973Correction factors for glass-electrode in aqueous dioxanAGRAWAL, YK