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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2000An approximation algorithm for finding a long path in Hamiltonian graphsVISHWANATHAN, S
2004An approximation algorithm for finding long paths in Hamiltonian graphsVISHWANATHAN, S
2001Approximation algorithms for the achromatic numberCHAUDHARY, A; VISHWANATHAN, S
2010Approximation algorithms for the Bipartite Multicut problemKENKRE, S; VISHWANATHAN, S
2009Bipartite Coverings and the Chromatic NumberMUBAYI, D; VISHWANATHAN, S
2007A bound on the chromatic number using the longest odd cycle lengthKENKRE, S; VISHWANATHAN, S
2013Circumference, chromatic number and online coloringDIWAN, AA; KENKRE, S; VISHWANATHAN, S
2008The common prefix problem on treesKENKRE, S; VISHWANATHAN, S
1998Competitive algorithms for layered graph traversalFIAT, A; FOSTER, DP; KARLOFF, H; RABANI, Y; RAVID, Y; VISHWANATHAN, S
2013A counting proof of the Graham-Pollak TheoremVISHWANATHAN, S
2000Depth-3 arithmetic circuits for S-n(2)(X) and extensions of the Graham-Pollack theoremRADHAKRISHNAN, J; SEN, P; VISHWANATHAN, S
2007Matched-factor d-domatic coloring of graphsSUDEEP, KS; VISHWANATHAN, S
2015Metrical Service Systems with Multiple ServersCHIPLUNKAR, A; VISHWANATHAN, S
1999Multilinear polynomials and a conjecture of Frankl and FurediSANKAR, A; VISHWANATHAN, S
1996An O(log(*)n) approximation algorithm for the asymmetric p-center problemVISHWANATHAN, S
1998An O(log*n) approximation algorithm for the asymmetric p-center problemPANIGRAHY, R; VISHWANATHAN, S
2003On 2-coloring certain k-uniform hypergraphsVISHWANATHAN, S
2015On graph parameters guaranteeing fast sandpile diffusionCHOURE, A; VISHWANATHAN, S
2008On Hard Instances of Approximate Vertex CoverVISHWANATHAN, S