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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Antibacterial and Phyto-chemical Analysis of Some Medicinal Plants and their Efficacy on Multidrug Resistant BacteriaKUMAR, S; SINGH, AK; VERMA, SK; MISRA, R; SENIYA, C
2013Effect of substituents on crystal packing of functionalized 4,4 '-bis(benzylideneamino)diphenyl ether(s) and their reduced benzyl forms: Synthesis, characterization, optical and thermal propertiesKADU, R; SINGH, VK; VERMA, SK; RAGHAVAIAH, P; SHAIKH, MM
2017Graphene oxide nanosheets and d-alpha-Tocopheryl polyethylene glycol 1000 succinate (TPGS) doping improves biocompatibility and ultrafiltration in polyethersulfone hollow fiber membranesMODI, A; VERMA, SK; BELLARE, J
2015Identification of unusual C-Cl/center dot center dot center dot pi contacts in 2-(alkylamino)-3-chloro-1,4-naphthoquinones: effect of N-substituents on crystal packing, fluorescence, redox and anti-microbial propertiesSINGH, VK; VERMA, SK; KADU, R; MOBIN, SM
2017Islet encapsulated implantable composite hollow fiber membrane based device: A bioartificial pancreasTEOTIA, RS; KADAM, S; SINGH, AK; VERMA, SK; BAHULEKAR, A; KANETKAR, S; BELLARE, J
2017Porosity and compatibility of novel polysulfone-/vitamin E-TPGS-grafted composite membraneTEOTIA, R; VERMA, SK; KALITA, D; SINGH, AK; DAHE, G; BELLARE, J
2016Selenocysteine vs Cysteine: Tuning the Derivatization on Benzenesulfonyl Moiety of a Triazole Linked Dansyl Connected Glycoconjugate for Selective Recognition of Selenocysteine and the Applicability of the Conjugate in Buffer, in Serum, on Silica Gel, and in HepG2 CellsARETI, S; VERMA, SK; BELLARE, J; RAO, CP
2017Sensitivity analysis and stochastic modelling of lignocellulosic feedstock pretreatment and hydrolysisVERMA, SK; FENILA, F; SHASTRI, Y