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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006Aerosol lofting from sea breeze during the Indian Ocean ExperimentVERMA, S; BOUCHER, O; VENKATARAMAN, C; REDDY, MS; MULLER, D; CHAZETTE, P; CROUZILLE, B
2011Attribution of aerosol radiative forcing over India during the winter monsoon to emissions from source categories and geographical regionsVERMA, S; VENKATARAMAN, C; BOUCHER, O
2016Clinicopathological Analysis and Multipronged Quantitative Proteomics Reveal Oxidative Stress and Cytoskeletal Proteins as Possible Markers for Severe Vivax MalariaRAY, S; PATEL, SK; VENKATESH, A; BHAVE, A; KUMAR, V; SINGH, V; CHATTERJEE, G; SHAH, VG; SHARMA, S; RENU, D; NAFIS, N; GANDHE, P; GOGTAY, N; THATTE, U; SEHGAL, K; VERMA, S; KARAK, A; KHANRA, D; TALUKDAR, A; KOCHAR, SK; VIJETH, SB; KOCHAR, DK; ROJH, D; VARMA, SG; GANDHI, MN; SRIKANTH, R; PATANKAR, S; SRIVASTAVA, S
2013A cluster expansion model for rate constants of surface diffusion processes on Ag, Al, Cu, Ni, Pd and Pt(100) surfacesVERMA, S; REHMAN, T; CHATTERJEE, A
2016Comparative study between vivax and falciparum malaria in Eastern India: Breaking a mythKARAK, A; MUKHERJEE, A; CHAKRABORTY, A; SAMANTA, B; VERMA, S; TALUKDAR, A; SRIVASTAVA, S
2016Decoding the Morphological Diversity in Two Dimensional Crystalline Porous Polymers by Core Planarity ModulationHALDER, A; KANDAMBETH, S; BISWAL, BP; KAUR, G; ROY, NC; ADDICOAT, M; SALUNKE, JK; BANERJEE, S; VANKA, K; HEINE, T; VERMA, S; BANERJEE, R
2006Effect of test temperature on tensile properties of alpha/beta brass containing leadKASHYAP, BP; VERMA, S; MANDLIK, P; KUMAR, N; TOPPO, SP
2004General circulation model estimates of aerosol transport and radiative forcing during the Indian Ocean ExperimentREDDY, MS; BOUCHER, O; VENKATARAMAN, C; VERMA, S; LEON, JF; BELLOUIN, N; PHAM, M
2004On design and implementation of an Embedded automatic speech recognition systemPHADKE, S; LIMAYE, R; VERMA, S; SUBRAMANIAN, K
2008Origin of surface and columnar Indian Ocean Experiment (INDOEX) aerosols using source- and region-tagged emissions transport in a general circulation modelVERMA, S; VENKATARAMAN, C; BOUCHER, O
2016Room temperature blue LED based on p-ZnO/(CdZnO/ZnO)MQWs/n-ZnOAWASTHI, V; PANDEY, SK; VERMA, S; MUKHERJEE, S
2007Source evaluation of aerosols measured during the Indian Ocean Experiment using combined chemical transport and back trajectory modelingVERMA, S; VENKATARAMAN, C; BOUCHER, O; RAMACHANDRAN, S