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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2003Allosteric interactions and bifunctionality make the response of glutamine synthetase cascade system of Escherichia coli robust and ultrasensitiveMUTALIK, VK; SHAH, P; VENKATESH, KV
2006Analysis of optimal phenotypic space using elementary modes as applied to Corynebacterium glutamicumGAYEN, K; VENKATESH, KV
1999Analysis of the optimal model for substrate substitutability in continuous microbial culturesARORA, PRABHAT; ANAND KUMAR, R; VENKATESH, KV
2004Autoregulation of regulatory proteins is key for dynamic operation of GAL switch in Saccharomyces cerevisiaeRUHELA, ANURAG; VERMA, MALKHEY; EDWARDS, JEREMY S; BHAT, PJ; BHARTIYA, SHARAD; VENKATESH, KV
2006Biological significance of autoregulation through steady state analysis of genetic networksVERMA, MALKHEY; RAWOOL, SUBODH B; BHAT, PJ; VENKATESH, KV
2016Can Escherichia Coli Sense Spatially?KARMAKAR, R; TIRUMKUDULU, MS; VENKATESH, KV
2013Characterization of burden on growth due to the nutritional state of media and pre-induced gene expressionMALAKAR, P; VENKATESH, KV
2011Characterization of the adaptive response and growth upon hyperosmotic shock in Saccharomyces cerevisiaePARMAR, JH; BHARTIYA, S; VENKATESH, KV
2017Computational Analysis of Host-Pathogen Protein Interactions between Humans and Different Strains of Enterohemorrhagic Escherichia coliBOSE, T; VENKATESH, KV; MANDE, SS
2015Constraints based analysis of extended cybernetic modelsMANDLI, AR; VENKATESH, KV; MODAK, JM
2007Crosstalk between cAMP-PKA and MAP kinase pathways is a key regulatory design necessary to regulate FLO11 expressionSENGUPTA, NEELANJAN; VINOD, PK; VENKATESH, KV
1996Cybernetic model for the growth of Saccharomyces cerevisiae on melibioseGADGIL, CJ; BHAT, PJ; VENKATESH, KV
2005Detailed protein sequence alignment based on Spectral Similarity Score (SSS)GUPTA, K; THOMAS, D; VIDYA, SV; VENKATESH, KV; RAMAKUMAR, S
2003Diacetyl production and growth of Lactobacillus rhamnosus on multiple substratesJYOTI, BD; SURESH, AK; VENKATESH, KV
2003Dynamic model of Escherichia coli tryptophan operon shows an optimal structural designBHARTIYA, S; RAWOOL, S; VENKATESH, KV
2008Effect of Carbon and Nitrogen on the Cannibalistic Behavior of Bacillus subtilisNANDY, SK; VENKATESH, KV
2017The effect of global transcriptional regulators on the anaerobic fermentative metabolism of Escherichia coliKARGETI, M; VENKATESH, KV
2004Effect of preculturing conditions on growth of Lactobacillus rhamnosus on medium containing glucose and citrateJYOTI, BD; SURESH, AK; VENKATESH, KV
2012Effect of substrate and IPTG concentrations on the burden to growth of Escherichia coli on glycerol due to the expression of Lac proteinsMALAKAR, P; VENKATESH, KV
2008Effect of Temperature on the Cannibalistic Behavior of Bacillus subtilisNANDY, SK; PRASAD, V; VENKATESH, KV