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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Accuracy assessment of MODIS/Terra snow cover product for parts of Indian HimalayasCHELAMALLU, HP; VENKATARAMAN, G; MURTI, MVR
2006Analysis of aqua AMSR-E derived snow water equivalent over himalayan snow covered regionsVIJAY KUMAR; RAO, YS; VENKATARAMAN, G; SARWADE, RN; SNEHMANI
2012Application of incoherent target decomposition theorems to classify snow cover over the Himalayan regionSINGH, G; VENKATARAMAN, G
1997Application of statistical methods to study seasonal variation in the mine contaminants in soil and groundwater of Goa, IndiaRATHA, DS; VENKATARAMAN, G
2014Capability Assessment of Fully Polarimetric ALOS-PALSAR data for Discriminating Wet Snow from Other Scattering Types in Mountainous RegionsSINGH, G; VENKATARAMAN, G; YAMAGUCHI, Y; PARK, SE
2014Categorization of the Glaciated Terrain of Indian Himalaya Using CP and FP Mode SARSINGH, G; YAMAGUCHI, Y; PARK, SE; BOERNER, WM; CUI, Y; VENKATARAMAN, G
2013Changes in the glaciers of ChandraBhaga basin, Himachal Himalaya, India, between 1980 and 2010 measured using remote sensingPANDEY, P; VENKATARAMAN, G
2015Development of a snow wetness inversion algorithm using polarimetric scattering power decomposition modelSURENDAR, M; BHATTACHARYA, A; SINGH, G; YAMAGUCHI, Y; VENKATARAMAN, G
1996Development of SAR interferometry at IIT BombaySUKHATME, JS; WALAVALKAR, V; RAO, YS; VENKATARAMAN, G; KHIRE, MV; RAO, KS
2006ENVISAT-ASAR data analysis for snow cover mapping over gangotri region - art. no. 641007RAO, YS; VENKATARAMAN, G; SINGH, G
2013Estimation and validation of glacier surface motion in the northwestern Himalayas using high-resolution SAR intensity trackingKUMAR, V; VENKATARAMAN, G; HOGDA, KA; LARSEN, Y
2007Feasibility of various remote sensing data for mapping snow cover area around Gangotri Glacier - art. no. 67872EMOHITE, K; SINGH, G; VENKATARAMAN, G
2010Fully polarimetric alos palsar data applications for snow and ice studiesVENKATARAMAN, G; SINGH, G; YAMAGUCHI, Y
2004Fusion of optical and microwave remote sensing data for snow cover mappingVENKATARAMAN, G; MAHATO, BC; RAVI, S; RAO, YS; MATHUR, P; SNEHMANI
2012High Resolution TerraSAR-X Image Speckle Suppression and its Fusion with Multispectral IRS LISS-III Data for Himalayan Glacier Feature ExtractionKUMAR, V; VENKATARAMAN, G
1990Insat satellite and earth-scienceINAMDAR, AB; VENKATARAMAN, G
1997Integration of geological and geophysical data for the identification of sulphide mineralized zones in Rajpura-Dariba belt, Rajasthan, IndiaVENKATARAMAN, G; MADHAVAN, BB; RATHA, DS; BANGLANI, S
2007Investigating Snow wetness using dual polarization advanced synthetic aperture radar imagery - art. no. 667717VENKATARAMAN, G; SINGH, G; KUMAR, V; MOHITE, K; RAO, YS
2008LOS Palsar data analysis of snow cover area in Himalayan region using four component scattering decomposition techniqueSINGH, G; VENKATARAMAN, G