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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004Aerosol and carbon monoxide emissions from low-temperature combustion in a sawdust packed-bed stoveVENKATARAMAN, C; JOSHI, P; SETHI, V; KOHLI, S; RAVI, MR
2006Aerosol lofting from sea breeze during the Indian Ocean ExperimentVERMA, S; BOUCHER, O; VENKATARAMAN, C; REDDY, MS; MULLER, D; CHAZETTE, P; CROUZILLE, B
2002Aerosol size and chemical characteristics at Mumbai, India, during the INDOEX-IFP (1999)VENKATARAMAN, C; REDDY, CK; JOSSON, S; REDDY, MS
2012Aerosol Synthesis of Lipid Nanoparticles: Relating Crystallinity to Simulated Evaporation RatesSHETTY, M; PAWAR, AA; MEHRA, A; VENKATARAMAN, C
2016Air-jet atomization for preparation of lipid nanoparticles: Dependence of size on solute concentrationSAPRA, M; MAYYA, YS; VENKATARAMAN, C
2017Anthropogenic fugitive, combustion and industrial dust is a significant, underrepresented fine particulate matter source in global atmospheric modelsPHILIP, S; MARTIN, RV; SNIDER, G; WEAGLE, CL; VAN DONKELAAR, A; BRAUER, M; HENZE, DK; KLIMONT, Z; VENKATARAMAN, C; GUTTIKUNDA, SK; ZHANG, Q
1999Anthropogenic sulphate aerosol from India: estimates of burden and direct radiative forcingVENKATARAMAN, C; CHANDRAMOULI, B; PATWARDHAN, A
2000Atmospheric optical and radiative effects of anthropogenic aerosol constituents from IndiaREDDY, MS; VENKATARAMAN, C
2000Atmospheric polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in Mumbai, IndiaKULKARNI, P; VENKATARAMAN, C
2011Attribution of aerosol radiative forcing over India during the winter monsoon to emissions from source categories and geographical regionsVERMA, S; VENKATARAMAN, C; BOUCHER, O
2016Breaking out of the Box: India and Climate Action on Short-Lived Climate PollutantsVENKATARAMAN, C; GHOSH, S; KANDLIKAR, M
2010Characterization of emissions from South Asian biofuels and application to source apportionment of carbonaceous aerosol in the HimalayasSTONE, EA; SCHAUER, JJ; PRADHAN, BB; DANGOL, PM; HABIB, G; VENKATARAMAN, C; RAMANATHAN, V
2008Chemical, Microphysical and Optical Properties of Primary Particles from the Combustion of Biomass FuelsHABIB, G; VENKATARAMAN, C; BOND, TC; SCHAUER, JJ
1999Comparison of particle lung doses from the fine and coarse fractions of urban PM-10 aerosolsVENKATARAMAN, C; KAO, AS
2017Contrasting influences of aerosols on cloud properties during deficient and abundant monsoon yearsPATIL, N; DAVE, P; VENKATARAMAN, C
1999Direct radiative forcing from anthropogenic carbonaceous aerosols over IndiaREDDY, MS; VENKATARAMAN, C
2003DMS atmospheric concentrations and sulphate aerosol indirect radiative forcing: a sensitivity study to the DMS source representation and oxidationBOUCHER, O; MOULIN, C; BELVISO, S; AUMONT, O; BOPP, L; COSME, E; VON KUHLMANN, R; LAWRENCE, MG; PHAM, M; REDDY, MS; SCIARE, J; VENKATARAMAN, C
2011Droplet-Phase Synthesis of Nanoparticle Aerosol Lipid Matrices with Controlled PropertiesPAWAR, AA; VENKATARAMAN, C
2006Effect of particle emissions from biofuel combustion on surface activity of model and therapeutic pulmonary surfactantsKANISHTHA, T; BANERJEE, R; VENKATARAMAN, C
2001Emission factors of carbon monoxide and size-resolved aerosols from biofuel combustionVENKATARAMAN, C; RAO, GUM