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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004Antiresonant ring interferometry as a sensitive technique for measuring nonlinear optical properties of thin films (vol 233, pg 297, 2004)VASA, P; SINGH, BP; TANEJA, P; AYYUB, P
2005Coherence properties of the photoluminescence from CdS-ZnO nanocomposite thin filmsVASA, P; SINGH, BP; AYYUB, P
2005Fast and reversible excited state absorption in II-VI-based nanocomposite thin filmsVASA, P; AYYUB, P; SINGH, BP
2017Field-level characterization of the optical response in J-aggregate/metal hybrid nanostructures by chirp-compensated spectral interferometryWANG, W; ZHANG, H; VOGELGESANG, R; VASA, P; LIENAU, C
2017Hydrogen migration within a water molecule: formation of HD+ upon irradiation of HOD with intense, ultrashort laser pulsesMATHUR, D; DHARMADHIKARI, AK; DHARMADHIKARI, JA; VASA, P
2014Interplay between Strong Coupling and Radiative Damping of Excitons and Surface Plasmon Polaritons in Hybrid NanostructuresWANG, W; VASA, P; POMRAENKE, R; VOGELGESANG, R; DE SIO, A; SOMMER, E; MAIURI, M; MANZONI, C; CERULLO, G; LIENAU, C
2017Laser writing of single-crystalline gold substrates for surface enhanced Raman spectroscopySINGH, A; SHARMA, G; RANJAN, N; MITTHOLIYA, K; BHATNAGAR, A; SINGH, BP; MATHUR, D; VASA, P
2006Melting and defect generation in chemical vapor deposited diamond due to irradiation with 100 MeV Au+ and Ag+ ionsMISRA, DS; PALNITKAR, UMESH; TYAGI, PK; SINGH, MANOJ K; TITUS, E; AVASTHI, DK; VASA, P; AYYUB, PUSHAN
2006Nonlinear photoresponse in II-VI-based nanocomposite thin films: a semiquantitative four-level modelVASA, P; SINGH, BP; AYYUB, P
2014Observation of Lorentzian lineshapes in the room temperature optical spectra of strongly coupled Jaggregate/metal hybrid nanostructures by linear two-dimensional optical spectroscopyWANG, W; VASA, P; SOMMER, E; DE SIO, A; GROSS, P; VOGELGESANG, R; LIENAU, C
2015Optical Stark Effects in J-Aggregate-Metal Hybrid Nanostructures Exhibiting a Strong Exciton-Surface-Plasmon-Polariton InteractionVASA, P; WANG, W; POMRAENKE, R; MAIURI, M; MANZONI, C; CERULLO, G; LIENAU, C
2002Photoconductivity in sputter-deposited CdS and CdS-ZnO nanocomposite thin filmsVASA, P; TANEJA, P; AYYUB, P; SINGH, BP; BANERJEE, R
2017Photoluminescence characteristics of CdSe quantum dots: role of exciton-phonon coupling and defect/trap statesKUSHAVAH, D; MOHAPATRA, PK; GHOSH, P; SINGH, M; VASA, P; BAHADUR, D; SINGH, BP
2005Photoluminescence enhancement in nanocomposite thin films of CdS-ZnOAYYUB, P; VASA, P; TANEJA, P; BANERJEE, R; SINGH, BP
2015Power- and polarization-dependent supercontinuum generation in alpha-BaB2O4 crystals by intense, near-infrared, femtosecond laser pulsesVASA, P; DOTA, K; SINGH, M; KUSHAVAH, D; SINGH, BP; MATHUR, D
2015Quantum Beats in Hybrid Metal-Semiconductor NanostructuresDASS, CK; JARVIS, T; KUNETS, VP; MAZUR, YI; SALAMO, GG; LIENAU, C; VASA, P; LI, XQ
2013Real-time observation of ultrafast Rabi oscillations between excitons and plasmons in metal nanostructures with J-aggregatesVASA, P; WANG, W; POMRAENKE, R; LAMMERS, M; MAIURI, M; MANZONI, C; CERULLO, G; LIENAU, C
2016Strictly monolayer large continuous MoS2 films on diverse substrates and their luminescence propertiesMOHAPATRA, PK; DEB, S; SINGH, BP; VASA, P; DHAR, S
2014Supercontinuum generation in water by intense, femtosecond laser pulses under anomalous chromatic dispersionVASA, P; DHARMADHIKARI, JA; DHARMADHIKARI, AK; SHARMA, R; SINGH, M; MATHUR, D
2013Supercontinuum generation in water doped with gold nanoparticlesVASA, P; SINGH, M; BERNARD, R; DHARMADHIKARI, AK; DHARMADHIKARI, JA; MATHUR, D