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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Boltzmann approach to dissipation produced by a spin-polarized currentTULAPURKAR, AA; SUZUKI, Y
2017Characterization of Au/PbTi0.5Fe0.5O3/Si structure for possible multiferroic based non-volatile memory applicationsNAWAZ, S; ROY, S; TULAPURKAR, AA; PALKAR, VR
2017Comparative study of multiferroic properties of PbTi0.5Fe0.5O3 thin films grown on various substratesNAWAZ, S; TULAPURKAR, AA; PALKAR, VR
2017Gyrator Based on Magneto-elastic Coupling at a Ferromagnetic/Piezoelectric InterfaceBHUKTARE, S; BOSE, A; SINGH, H; TULAPURKAR, AA
1996Lifetime and g-factor measurements of the 11(-) isomer in Tc-92TULAPURKAR, AA; DAS, P; MISHRA, SN; PILLAY, RG; SHEIKH, JA
2016Observation of thermally driven field-like spin torque in magnetic tunnel junctionsBOSE, A; SHUKLA, AK; KONISHI, K; JAIN, S; ASAM, N; BHUKTARE, S; SINGH, H; LAM, DD; FUJII, Y; MIWA, S; SUZUKI, Y; TULAPURKAR, AA
2013Radio-frequency amplification property of the MgO-based magnetic tunnel junction using field-induced ferromagnetic resonanceKONISHI, K; DIXIT, DK; TULAPURKAR, AA; MIWA, S; NOZAKI, T; KUBOTA, H; FUKUSHIMA, A; YUASA, S; SUZUKI, Y
2017Sensitive measurement of spin-orbit torque driven ferromagnetic resonance detected by planar Hall geometryBOSE, A; DUTTA, S; BHUKTARE, S; SINGH, H; TULAPURKAR, AA
2012Spintronic oscillator based on magnetic field feedbackDIXIT, D; KONISHI, K; TOMY, CV; SUZUKI, Y; TULAPURKAR, AA
2017Spintronic Oscillator Based on Spin-Current Feedback Using the Spin Hall EffectBHUKTARE, S; SINGH, H; BOSE, A; TULAPURKAR, AA
2017Thickness dependence study of multiferroic PbTi0.5Fe0.5O3 thin films grown on Si substrate by using pulsed laser deposition techniqueNAWAZ, S; AGGARWAL, S; TULAPURKAR, AA; PALKAR, VR